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Houston, we have a Starbucks!

Yesterday I was driving through River Oaks, an upscale neighborhood in Houston, when I noticed something amusing. Instead of chuckling to myself like a normal person, I immediately called my husband, demand he leave work, and help me make a video.

I think everything about this video, and situation in general, is hilarious.

My husband's boss may think otherwise.

*Isn't my running form fantastic? I credit my junior high track career.


  1. Ha, I thought that was just a saying, "A Starbucks on every corner......"

  2. I lived in River Oaks for a long time... & always wondered what was up with that. And wondered what out-of-towners would think of this weird dueling Starbucks thing going on in RO. However, the Starbucks with the drive thru wins out every time with me.

  3. I think I've actually been to the first one in the video, ha!

  4. I know exactly where that is. LOL.


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