Okay kids, here we go. I'm going to be taking a temporary break from the blog to deal with my health. On July 14th I found out that I'm no longer in remission. I immediately convinced my doctor to postpone surgery until after my brother's wedding because missing that would kill me way before cancer could.

And now here we are. I've just rolled off one of the best months of my life. In just four weeks I saw both my college roommates, my college friends, my high school friends, and my extended family. At the wedding, I got the opportunity to toast (more roast really) my brother and sister-in-law on their union. 

All that to say, the timing for this is good. I'm so happy. I'm so grateful. I'm so blessed. In the article I recently wrote for Conquest Magazine, I wrote that cancer has been the best thing to ever happen to me. I still mean that - its not just a convenient thing to say when its all in the rear-view mirror. I welcome this opportunity and am eager to see what positive happenstances will come from it. (For example, there's talk of my college friends sending me a gigantic cardboard penis!!! AMAZING!)

I'm going to float into the OR today, rekindle my romance with opiates, and everything is going to be okay. Promise.



Four Eyes with Firmoo

My new glasses c/o Firmoo have been helping me make my way through my current reading list. I went with an oversized, red pair just cuz I thought that'd be cute (twins!) but they have tons of different styles on their site. (Including my same frames in purple.)

Back to my books.
 Here's what I have in my cue;
THRIVE-  This book is changing my life. It's helping me turn off my phone and turn into my relationship with myself - something that's making me feel happier and less anxious. More of a cliff notes person? Watch this 20 minute Charlie Rose/Arianna interview

THE POWER OF NO- Excited to start this as it comes highly recommended by my Chicago blogger friend Jessica Murnane from One Part Plant. We met up while I was in town and she's smart & hilarious. I know she wouldn't lead me astray.

THE SNOWBALL, WARREN BUFFETT- My brother told me about this. Ryan and I usually have super different taste in books. He likes to read about taxes and interest rates. Additionally, he'll only read books that are hardcover - the reason he claims he hasn't read my book yet. #supportive  

THE GIVING ME - This children's book is written by my bestie, and prolific author, Lydia Criss Mays of See Beautiful.  You know the quote that is on the cover of my book,  "this book will make you laugh out loud...etc." That's Lydia. She's the shit. The Giving Me is about one boys decision to be an organ donor and about the giving spirit in general. Learn more about it here.

P.S. Just when you thought I could write a post about books without plugging mine. You overestimated me. Buy 99 Problems but a Baby Ain't One here.

P.P.S. I'm just realizing now how serious these all are. I need a trashy beach read in the mix. Ideas?

P.P.P.S. This post was sponsored by Firmoo.



My Icebucket Video

So I wasn't going to make one of these. And then I made one, just to see how it'd play out, but had no intention of posting it. (I'm still scarred from this.) But then I got nominated again by Jess and I reconsidered.  After screening it for Danny and he assured me it wasn't  "that" embarrassing I conceded. I mean, its for a good cause right? 


Have a good weekend everyone! XO, Megan



The Best of the World Wide Web

photo from beyonce.com - no relevance to this post other than I've accepted they're probably gonna announce a divorce soon and I'm heartbroken. =(

Here's what I've been loving on the world wide web lately:

-I'm obviously bias as I wrote an entire post on how I want to have sex with him, but Harry's ice bucket video is hilarious.

-A many of you recall, Danny and I named our daughter after the little girl in the movie Uncle Buck, which just celebrated its 25th year anniversary. (See what the cast is doing now.) "Maisy" (for whom we named "Macy") now is on HBO's GIRLS and plays a pyscho, often going full frontal. So that's terrifying.

- As a life long cilantro hater, I feel incredibly validated by this article. It's genetic, k guys?

-Save the date! This coming Tuesday (August 26th) is the LAST EPISODE EVER of Chelsea Lately! So sad. Miley Cyrus will apparently perform ( weird?) and I'm sure other ridiculousness will occur.

- I've really been making an effort to meditate lately but I'd often find myself sitting there "mmm-ing" and whatnot and not knowing, specifically, what to do. This 5 minute Beginners Guide to Meditation YouTube video breaks it down so perfectly that I'm basically the Dalai Lama now.  

-There have been lots of tributes being made to Robin Williams. This one, with genuine emotion and insight from David Letterman, was really good. (But still sad obviously.) 

-My friend Jer sent me this Poplove mash-up because he thought I'd like all the Jay Z mixed in. It's so so good you guys. It's not even 8am and I'm ready to hit the club.

Anything I missed? Please enlighten me in the comments.



Wisconsin Necklace Outfit Post

I might be back home in Texas but part of my heart is still in Wisconsin.
That's why I LOVE my Wisconsin necklace c/o Oh So Antsy. It helps me feel connected to my friends and family back in the cheese state.
Speaking of Wisconsin roots, please welcome my new itty bitty Chanel to the Greetings from Texas family! I got it from a Milwaukee consignment store called Swanky Seconds. It might be mini - but it holds tons of cheese curds - I already checked!

This is actually my 2nd Oh So Antsy necklace. I have a Texas one too. Next I want a Illinois one next to represent my tenure in Chicago. And then maybe Hawaii because I plan to live there one day. Just planning ahead.

Proud Wisconsin girl who drinks soda & drinks from the bubbler!!

**Great news guys! My blog readers get 15% off at Oh So Antsy with the discount code Greetings15. Any state! Any necklace! Get excited!


A Love Celebration

As you may recall from here, my brother and (now) sister-in-law were married in Big Sur a few months ago. This weekend marked, as they referred to it, their "love celebration" with friends and family in Door County, Wisconsin. The celebration commenced Friday night with a massive bonfire followed by a more traditional party the following evening.
Being so close to the bride (right) and groom, I knew my gift had to be something truly special. My love of photography paired with my propensity to be cheap made being their "wedding photographer" the perfect gift. Or so I thought. As I'm going through my pictures today, I'm having second thoughts.
 For example, I have prolific pics of me and this shirtless specimen.
Pictures of the bride and groom, however, seem to be a bit more sparse.
More pictures of me....

Alright, here we go. Here is one of the bride and groom.
See how I caught that elation in their faces? It's a trick of the trade.
Perhaps my favorite part of the night were the speeches.I wrote one that Danny and I delivered. Unless someone reading this didn't like it, in which case, Danny penned it.
I think this is my favorite pic from the evening. Allow me to introduce my first cousins. Contracts still pending, our very own reality show will be airing this fall on E!. "Hanging out with the Halpins" will focus on how our Irish heritage manifests itself into a curious union of both ambition and alcoholism.

Another photo masterpiece!
What we have a here is my high school "golf team" reunion pic!
Didn't peg me as a golfer? Me either. I tried out as a joke but somehow ended up sticking out the season. Jokes on me I guess.
In all seriousness, the "love celebration" was one of the best weekends of my life. It was so great to see so many important people from my past that I don't get to see anymore living in Texas. The weekend was so special, so emotional, so nostalgic, and above all, fun.

Right Mark?

P.S. Now that I'm back home from my Midwestern tour, you can expect a more consistent blogging schedule.



My Love Triangle

Greetings from The Midwest! Macy and I have been on a 3 week pilgrimage between Chicago and Milwaukee visiting our prolific friends and family. The trip has been building up to this weekend which will culminate in my brother & Julianna's wedding.  
Having been gone from Texas for so long, I miss my house, my husband, and my dog (mostly my dog!) I'm definitely homesick. On the other hand, I've been having such special, fulfilling visits with friends and family that I'm finding myself homesick for here too. I think we all buy in that at the core of life, family and good friends are the most important pillar, so I can't help but question if living in Texas, so drastically far from our loved ones, is the right decision for my family. (I mean, it obviously is in the winter but still.)
Perhaps I'm just emo because I stayed up all night watching the first season of Chicago Fire (anyone?) and haven't slept. Or perhaps this sentiment is one that many of you, in a similar situation, can relate to. I'm in a love triangle between Texas and my friends and family. (A platonic one obviously. Incest, not so much.)
Because there is no immediate answers to life's big dilemmas like this, I'm gonna sit back, live life, and see how it all plays out. And in the meantime I'll cherish the following memories that I've made this past month. Feel free to peruse them below.

And for real, is anyone watching Chicago Fire? Taylor Kinney. Hubba Hubba.