How To Throw a Cool Baby Shower 101

Baby Showers. Not necessarily a fan favorite in terms of types of parties to attend. They're typically on Sunday, which should be reserved for the Lord or Netflix, depending on how you roll. The present opening is vile. The games are silly.  Fortunately my sister's (in-law) recent baby shower in Milwaukee refrained from most of this stereotypical tradition which I'll now expand on further.

This is Jules. She is pregnant.

This is Macy. She is not. Though if she keeps dancing on tables like this it won't be long.

My mom hosted the shower at Onesto in Milwaukee's Third Ward. 

 I contributed by giving the toast and producing a critically acclaimed slideshow of the parents-to-be.  
I also pulled my weight in regards to the open-bar tab. 
(Via drinking. Not paying for it - just incase that wasn't clear.)

Kiddy Cocktails were the drink du jour. 
(Garnished with maraschino cherries and vodka of course!)

Macy, bless her heart, thought all the presents were for her. 
Like she needs another popper thing - she already has one that she doesn't play with.

Looks like the vodka is starting to kick in.

Spoiler alert - she's having a boy! Surely this is obvious though by the "HE". 
Or if you're a more visual learner, the nuts in the left corner.

Jules 'n friends. 

Mom (in red) and friends.

Left: =)       Right: Me and Jess

That's a wrap! Now all you gotta do Jules is push a baby out of you, NBD! 

Throwing a baby shower soon? MOTHER MAG has 15 shower ideas that are  modern and Megan-approved.

Have a good weekend everyone! I'm seeing While We're Young tonight and tomorrow I'll be shopping for a present for my nephew. Showers are like weddings right, you have a year?  

XOXO, Megan



Capes are Controversial

Do you like this cape because my brother, Ryan, doesn't. I bought it at a vintage store in Evanston and wore it to dinner with my fam that night.  As we pulled into the restaurant parking lot, Ryan claimed he was going to park in a handicapped spot because anyone who saw me in my cape would know I was "not right". 

PSA - I just checked and these boots I'm wearing are still in stock at Urban and better yet, now on sale. (20% off of $69!) I'm gonna get them in black too!
     Pics by Paige Budde of course

While my cape is wool and pretty warm, Free People has some good, lightweight options perf for summer! See below!





Once upon a time I agreed to do a sponsored post for Young&Ng lingerie because their stuff was SO pretty and I thought it'd be nice to own some undergarments that weren't from Target.
 A  decadent black box arrived in the mail a few days later and I excitedly tried on the Dinha Marie brabrief. It was then, and only then, shit got REAL and I realized I'd agreed to, you know, wear lingerie on my blog.  

Fortunately Paige is not only Houston's best wedding photographer but well versed in boudoir as well.  Together we created a backstory for me, that I was a young virgin Mennonite on verge of fleeing my community in hopes of becoming a stage actress in the big city. (Oklahoma City that is.) 
I'm sure this is exactly what Young&Ng had in mind. 
Keep an eye out for this photo in their next lookbook.

Left: Just casually reading in a robe, as one does.
Right: #shoulderblade

The Dinah Marie print comes in three different styles so it can work for everyone's body type and modesty level. 

Okay kids. That's a wrap. Thanks Paigester for the photos!

*Full disclosure: This was a sponsored post which I believe I already said. You can rest assured, however, that all thoughts and opinions were of my own volition. I'm not saying I can't be bought, I'm just saying I wasn't in this specific scenario. 



Today's official opening of, Hugs & Donuts, a new donut shop in The Heights has sparked much controversy among Houstonians regarding the source of the city's best donut. As someone whose favorite food is donuts I feel very excited about the rhetoric. 

Mace at Hugs & Donuts this morning

I was at a party Saturday night debating "the best donut shop" with fellow party-goers when this dude overheard us and yelled "ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT DONUTS? CHRISTY'S IS THE BESH!!" and then returned to his conversation across the room. Pretty sure that guy was wasted, but still, Houstonians like donuts. Specifically, from these six places.


Hugs & Donuts - The Heights is about a 20 minute drive from my house. Longer if you happen to get pulled over for a speeding ticket. M@THER F@CKER! It was fun to be there this morning for the opening and my apple fritter was good - but I don't know that I'd go out of my way to make the trip again. 

River Oaks Donuts - They melt in your mouth. There is nothing bad about this place.

Christys - Worst branding. Best donuts. I think this is my favorite?! 

Shipleys - Their donuts are so good and their coffee is so bad. 

The Grove Do-Nutz & Deli - This is in Richmond, Texas and because I don't know where that is, I've yet to go here. 

Doughmaker Donuts - Doughnuts a la a foodtruck.

Macy went with a sprinkles donut. We also got a "lemon merginue"  donut to try (not a fan) and a"birthday cake" donut (it was good if you like cake donuts) to sample as well. We got Danny a salmon/cream cheese/bagel/kolache situation which he enjoyed.


*Houstonians, weigh in on this. Which donut shop is your fave? Am I missing any?




I've been so busy lately but who isn't?  Here are some pics I've managed to take when not working, removing miscellaneous debris from Macy's mouth, and trolloping* through IAH airport.

*Spellcheck insists "trolloping" is not a word. Upon a urban dictionary consultation I learned "trollop" refers to "a woman who plays innocent like she don't have sex, but in reality, sleeps with every dude she lays eyes on." See? I told you I've been busy!


Verb Dry Shampoo - I am well versed in dry shampoo because I'm less versed in showering. Verb stocked the bathrooms with their products at TXSC and this one was amaze. Best one I ever used for sure and the big bottle is only $18. Smaller bottle is $12.

Vintage Necklace - I welcomed this necklace into the family yesterday a la a consignment store, Designer Diva, near my house.

I saw this little DIY key situation on Mother Mag and immediately copied it. 

My favorite MadMeg client, Rongrong Devoe, is slowly but surely taking over the fashion illustration world one sketch at a time. This was her in action at a Neiman Marcus show.

Macy is all about puppet shows lately. Her same theater is on sale now at Target.

Orchid Grey - is my blog obsession of the moment. I've always kept an eye on it but after rooming with Julie at TXSC I was reminded of how on fleek  (nailed it!) her style really is. I love this pic she snapped of us the other weekend.



Deep thoughts on Angelina Jolie's "Diary of Surgery" Article + a free excerpt from my book!

Last week The New Yorker published an article by Angelina Jolie titled "Diary of Surgery." Because I've experienced many of the things she addresses in the piece it really resonated with me. 

While "Mrs. Smith" talks a lot about what carrying the BRCA gene means, she doesn't address the test itself. Like, specifically, what it involves. When I got tested for the BRCA mutation, all my doctor was told me was "Megan, I'm scheduling you a meeting with a genetic counselor to see if you're a BRCA 1 or 2 carrier" and I was like "Absolutely! Let's do that!" but on the inside I was like "um, what's that now?"

CreditMichela Buttignol as seen in the New Yorker

In spirit of joining Angelina to raise awareness about this issue, and equally noble, awareness about my book, below is an excerpt from 99 Problems in which I get tested for the gene. It's from the chapter I creatively titled, Genetic Counseling.

"Genetic Counseling"
A chapter and excerpt from 99 Problems but a Baby Ain't One

Today I spent the afternoon at a genetic counselor's office. Her name was Cara and she was a nice, tall, thin woman vaguely resembling Hilary Swank. Her office was small, but her candy bowl was big - overflowing with fun-size Twix bars. I took this as an open invitation to help myself.

Prior to our session, I wasn't real clear on what a genetic counselor did or why I was going. I just knew my doctor had scheduled this appointment and I had to attend. I guess though, with the world counselor in her title, I'd envisioned myself doing the majority of the talking - a very Robin Williams/Matt Damon/Good Will Hunting type of situation. I want everyone to know that is not what genetic counseling is. Genetic counseling is when Cara describes to you, in full detail, every gene, cancer, mutation, and horrific disease that I could possibly possess or develop in my life. And there's a lot. Like millions.

It was very overwhelming and very scary. My first instinct was to jump from the fourteenth floor that we were on to alleviate the suspense surrounding my eventual cause of death. Instead, I let Cara perform a blood test for the millions of genetic disorders we discussed in our session. In two to three weeks I'll know if I have the BRCA 1 or 2 gene mutations that my doctors are most concerned about. Testing positive for this would mean that I will very likely develop both ovarian and breast cancer in my lifetime. (If it haven't already.)

The BRCA gene is hereditary and would have been passed down from either my mother or father. (Rude.) If I have this, I'll want to make sure that my younger female cousins, from whichever side the gene was contracted, get tested as well. Since the gene is hereditary, if I have it, they could have it too. If I had a sister, she would need to get tested too.

I also asked Cara to test for the "crazy" gene. I'm pretty sure I have that.......

*To enjoy 99 Problems in its entirety like, Jen and Merl here, hop on over to Amazon to buy a kindle or paperback version. 

*For discussion questions, book club info, reviews, and more about the book click over to the official website





This past weekend I attended Texas Stye Council
photo by becky murhpy

I've gushed about this conference enough here so I won't indulge myself again.

But Julie (white t-shirt) told me she's "Trying to hold on to everything from this past weekend." Touché girl. I've never felt so connected to my fellow community.

 Friends chillin.

photo by Amy 

My roommates for the weekend; (from left to right) Liz, Jen, and JulieI've never laughed so hard, stayed up so late, or fell in love so fast as I did with these fawns.

This girl. Conference founder Indiana Adams. I don't even have the words.....unless I go with "speechless" which I'm going to. #nailedit

Here's a few minutes of the discussion I led with Liz Morrow
And for those of you were in attendance, The Click Clique, is the article I kept referencing.

High fives! 
Love, Megan