One Part Instinct

Announcement! My friend, fellow adoptive milf, and just general down ass bitch Jessica Murnane, got a major makeover to her site, One Part Plant. Jessica' site started as a plant based food blog of sorts. Her story being that she had endometriosis so bad that she could barely get out of bed and was set to have a hysterectomy at the ripe age of 33. As a last ditch effort, she tried a plant-based diet and guess what happened? She cured that shit!

As Jessica evolved over time, however, she found that her diet wasn't the only way she was becoming a happier and healthier person - there were other ways too which she wanted to incorporate into her site. It now includes her amazing One Part Podcast (that I was a recent guest on, listen here), a recipe index (these are orgasmic), her dining series called For Reals Meals (which I recently hosted - more on that soon), and her One Part Posse - people who've helped and inspired Jessica along the way.

I'm honored to be in Jessia's Posse. She asked each posse member to take a picture of themselves and share something that we're currently working on to make ourselves healthier and happier. For me that is finding quiet time to listen to instinct and my intuition. It's ideology inspired by T.D. Jake's book, Instinct. Jess Lively also speaks brilliantly about this in this podcast #47.

Here comes the call to action. Head over to Jessica's site and dig in. It's good stuff. Pinky swear.

Happy Thanksgiving Eve everyone. I'm thankful for all you that read this obnoxious little blog of mine.  
Gobble Gobble, Megan



Grungey in Dallas

This weekend in Dallas there were two occasions in which I had to wear a dress. (My book signing and a baptism.) The remaining 32-ish hours I was wearing (and possibly sleeping in) this outfit which I've deemed my 90's grunge look.

I feel like its an authentic interpretation of the nineties. I considered smoking, just to get real legit on it, but I didn't have any cigs and too lazy to buy some. Plus I unfortunately hate smoking. I love the idea of smoking - the buzz, the social aspect and camaraderie of it all, and the post-intercourse cig in movies always seems sexy to me. But I've tried many times and just can't take to the habit. (*Smoking in general. Not the post sex scenario. ) And while I'm walking that fine line of TMI, let me tell you that I went sans bra in this outfit too. Something grunge lends itself to nicely and one of the prolific reasons I'm a 90's fashion fan.

Do you like my flannel? It's from Old Navy and because I'm the neat height of 5'2 it's an XL from the boys section. I liked the color palette better than any of the woman?  women's? women? wtf!  female flannels. 

Sadly, I didn't get to spend nearly as much time exploring Dallas as I wanted to. No Gwyneth Paltrow/Goop PopUp Shop. No seeing the building where Khloe & Lam Lam lived (and presumably did crack?) during their Mavericks stint. No eating at Cane Rosso, the pizza place that came so highly recommended from my cousin. But I did get to stay at The Joule which was an AMAZING hotel. Joule, if you're reading this, call me in regards to exchanging a review/blog post in exchange for a comped stay. You probably don't need it - but I do. K? Thanks.

It's a short week everyone. Let's rejoice in that. XO, Megan

*Exciting Note - These Gap Always Skinny Skimmer Jeans  are now on sale for $25! You'll see the reduced price when you click over to Gap!





Yesterday I had the pleasure of speaking for Franklin High School's Independent Reading class. We discussed the publishing process and specificities about my story and subsequent book. The class had read excerpts from 99 Problems and watched my interviews and compiled a list of questions accordingly.  We ended up having a conversational discussion however and just went off the cuff in terms of the Q&A. That's why I got to address inquires like "Did you like Kayne's newest album, Yeezus?" It was awesome.

Another question I received was "how does it feel to be back at your former high school?" I said that it was awesome and that I loved high school and have only fond memories.  And that's true. But if i'm being totally candid, the visit did nothing to help this midlife crisis I've got going on. I turned 33 this week and basically I'm freaking the fuck out. My sister Julianna went through this when she turned 30 and seems to have come out on the other side. I'm hopeful it's a phase I'll conquer here soon. If not, you guys have a lot of long, dark, emo blog posts to look forward to. #getexcited 

Let's talk more about the students. They were so sweet and and some were already so accomplished. You don't realize, or at least I didn't until yesterday, that today's online culture  offers kids the ability to pursue a writing career and publish their work immediately. No need to wait for a diploma, bachelors degree, or more than anything permission from someone to be a writer. I don't think that was the case for say, someone who graduated Franklin High in the year 2000! #Y2KBitches 

Several of the students gave me the urls to their tumblrs, websites, and one even emailed me their work to peek it. I was impressed. I definitely wasn't that ambitious when I was in high school except when I publicly protested the administration's parking fees in a journalistic manner. #embarrassing 

This was my 2nd year speaking for this Independent Reading Class, though last year I did it via Skype. My 2015 goals, and just life ambitions in general, are simply to keep producing work that warrants this yearly gig because no speaking invitation makes me feel more honored and connected.

P.S. I'm hosting a twitter party tonight for The Potty Rockers (Think of them as the "Elf on the Shelf" for the potty training world) from 9:00pm - 9:15pm. It's gonna be short and sweet so come hashtag it up with us! Follow me on twitter (@greetingsfromtx) and The Potty Rocker and let's parrtttyyyyyy!

P.P.S. If you haven't listened to my interview on the One Part Podcast yet you can do it here. And check out Jessica's guest today, De'Mar Hamilton of The Plain White T's.




Brideside guys! It's the hottest new start-up out there.  Perhaps you've already heard of this sweet new biz if you read The Huffington Post, Refinery 29, InStyle, or any other reputable publication.

Me and Brideside founder, Nicole Staple, in her Chicago showroom

A few days ago I had the pleasure of meeting Brideside founder, Nicole Staple, and touring the Brideside Chicago showroom. I even got to spend more time with Nicole later that evening when I got mildly intoxicated at her condo - not because she invited me but because Nicole happens to be roomies with my high school bestie, Peter! (Hi Pete. I left my hat at your house! I'm so cold!)

As someone who's experienced a fair share of wedding-related drama in their life (#whoops) I love the simplicity of Brideside's ideology.

So for all you brides or bridesmaids-to-be out there (Myself included! Currently planning wedding to Chicago Fire's Kelly Severide!) consider soliciting Brideside to make your life that much easier. And in the meantime, follow Brideside on Instagram.

*Exciting Disclaimer. This was not a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions were of my own free will. I suppose its possible the cucumber vodka I was drinking Friday night was Nicole's in which case this post could be considered a "trade" of some sort. But bottom-line - I didn't accept $ for this so boo-yah.




I've been listening to a lot of Ben Rector lately. 

Completely unrelated to that, my mom bought me a selfie stick for my birthday.

That's the backstory you need for this ultra profound post today.

Have a good one friends! 



Weekend Wedding

Solange wasn't the only one who got married this weekend. (Did you see her dress though? So good!) My college friend, Katie, also joined the world of monogamy which served as an excuse to coral "the cogs*" into a situation in which we're famously known to thrive. #openbar
*Cogs, as in "Chi Omega Gamma". The best, although temporarily suspended, greek organization to rule Augustana College since the early 1900s.

     Allow me to set the scene. Kitty cocktails with vodka. #mmmm

All because two people fell in love.

    I'm super emo right now so I'm not going to attempt to say anything profound about the girls in this picture other than I love them and they mean more to me then they'll ever know. 

Because what's a wedding these days without out a photo booth? Back in the day (B.C. maybe?) a marriage wasn't official until you "consummated" it.  In today's era a couple could fundamentally never have intercourse. But as long as they provide their friends & family the opportunity to drunkenly express themselves via prolific props and a chevron background, their union could not be more real.

How cute are these two? Potential Christmas Card photo right here. Matt and Amy - contact me if you want the imagery rights. I promise I'll charge less than Tiny Prints which of course isn't saying much because Tiny Prints is today's version of legalized rape. #whyisitsoexpensive 

Bill - welcome to the COG family. We're crazy, probably have a slight problem with alcohol, and infinitely far away from being perfect. But we love each with everything we have, never have taken ourselves seriously, and nobody laughs like we do. It's the best sorority (literally) I've ever been in.

And to the unsung hero of the night. Introducing Mister Jimmy Sandula everyone. Never has photo credit to the photographer ever been so warranted. 

 I love my friends. 

The End, 



One Part Podcast

photograph by Paige Budde

I can't tell you how excited and honored I am/was to be a guest on Jessica Murnane's One Part Podcast. Career highlight for sure. 

I just listened to the interview back since recording it with her on Monday and it was surreal. And funny. And I talked about cocaine a lot for some reason.

Jessica and I only became buds this year but as she mentions our connection was instant and has an easiness to it. It makes for what I feel is a super intimate interview of myself. 

I hope you like it! Click over to it now!

XO, Megan