Deep thoughts on Angelina Jolie's "Diary of Surgery" Article + a free excerpt from my book!

Last week The New Yorker published an article by Angelina Jolie titled "Diary of Surgery." Because I've experienced many of the things she addresses in the piece it really resonated with me. 

While "Mrs. Smith" talks a lot about what carrying the BRCA gene means, she doesn't address the test itself. Like, specifically, what it involves. When I got tested for the BRCA mutation, all my doctor was told me was "Megan, I'm scheduling you a meeting with a genetic counselor to see if you're a BRCA 1 or 2 carrier" and I was like "Absolutely! Let's do that!" but on the inside I was like "um, what's that now?"

CreditMichela Buttignol as seen in the New Yorker

In spirit of joining Angelina to raise awareness about this issue, and equally noble, awareness about my book, below is an excerpt from 99 Problems in which I get tested for the gene. It's from the chapter I creatively titled, Genetic Counseling.

"Genetic Counseling"
A chapter and excerpt from 99 Problems but a Baby Ain't One

Today I spent the afternoon at a genetic counselor's office. Her name was Cara and she was a nice, tall, thin woman vaguely resembling Hilary Swank. Her office was small, but her candy bowl was big - overflowing with fun-size Twix bars. I took this as an open invitation to help myself.

Prior to our session, I wasn't real clear on what a genetic counselor did or why I was going. I just knew my doctor had scheduled this appointment and I had to attend. I guess though, with the world counselor in her title, I'd envisioned myself doing the majority of the talking - a very Robin Williams/Matt Damon/Good Will Hunting type of situation. I want everyone to know that is not what genetic counseling is. Genetic counseling is when Cara describes to you, in full detail, every gene, cancer, mutation, and horrific disease that I could possibly possess or develop in my life. And there's a lot. Like millions.

It was very overwhelming and very scary. My first instinct was to jump from the fourteenth floor that we were on to alleviate the suspense surrounding my eventual cause of death. Instead, I let Cara perform a blood test for the millions of genetic disorders we discussed in our session. In two to three weeks I'll know if I have the BRCA 1 or 2 gene mutations that my doctors are most concerned about. Testing positive for this would mean that I will very likely develop both ovarian and breast cancer in my lifetime. (If it haven't already.)

The BRCA gene is hereditary and would have been passed down from either my mother or father. (Rude.) If I have this, I'll want to make sure that my younger female cousins, from whichever side the gene was contracted, get tested as well. Since the gene is hereditary, if I have it, they could have it too. If I had a sister, she would need to get tested too.

I also asked Cara to test for the "crazy" gene. I'm pretty sure I have that.......

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This past weekend I attended Texas Stye Council
photo by becky murhpy

I've gushed about this conference enough here so I won't indulge myself again.

But Julie (white t-shirt) told me she's "Trying to hold on to everything from this past weekend." Touché girl. I've never felt so connected to my fellow community.

 Friends chillin.

photo by Amy 

My roommates for the weekend; (from left to right) Liz, Jen, and JulieI've never laughed so hard, stayed up so late, or fell in love so fast as I did with these fawns.

This girl. Conference founder Indiana Adams. I don't even have the words.....unless I go with "speechless" which I'm going to. #nailedit

Here's a few minutes of the discussion I led with Liz Morrow
And for those of you were in attendance, The Click Clique, is the article I kept referencing.

High fives! 
Love, Megan



Texas Style Council is this weekend! In hopes of getting everyone ramped up, Jen Moulton is interviewing some of the speakers on the Texas Style Council website. Head over there and read my interview where I reveal my long-term muse, dream coffee date, subject I want to learn more about, the #1 thing on my wishlist, + more! 

Hump Dayyyyyyyyyy!



Clothes for Macy

It came to Danny and my attention last night that Macy has no clothes. For months I've been assuming all her cool stuff was in the laundry but to no avail. Turns out she just grew out of everything she owns. That's the problem with kids, they grow. (And puke in their carseat, as I learned last week.)  

While Macy would prefer a wardrobe consisting solely of Elsa and Anna tees - this is what she's gonna get.

*Magna-tiles! My friend Carol, mother of two, swears by them for both her 3 yr. old boy and 5 yr. old girl. Carol says although they're super expensive (and ideally you need like 3-4 boxes of them) that they keep her kids busy for hours at a time. Anyone else on the Magna-tile train? I want to be!

*Red sweats are from Mabo Kids, Aztec Purse is from Camp Wolf, and banana onesie is from Freshly Picked.




Yesterday's Haircut

I know, I know - not a very exhilarating change. I think Brandi only took an inch off but she cut "into it" tons so hopefully it will lay nicer and be less rats nest-esque moving forward. We all know Brandi by this point, yes? If not, do yourself a favor and educate yourself on this renaissance woman who I'm lucky to call a friend.

Guess what? It's the weekend!!! My plans consist of having brunch with Julie and finishing the current! season of Downton Abbey that my uncle, Bill Smith*, illegally pirated for me!!!! Love that guy!
*name has been changed to protect the guilty

See you next week friends!



The Houston Rodeo

This weekend was the best! My cousin Jessie came to Houston and instead of taking her to Cheeky Vintage per usual, I took to her to the highly cultural experience that is the Houston rodeo. Her being a Yankee, and me a Yankee at heart, we were able to turn to one another, literally, when we saw or experienced something that seemed fucked up. (Or to be more eloquent, "didn't resonate with our Midwestern narratives.") 

The balls on these cows/cattle/bulls/whatever were truly astonishing. I'm saying this as a person who's seen Machu Piccu, The Great Wall of China, and prolific Beyonce concerts. These things, compared to the ginormous cow balls, were just "meh".

And the "piece de resistance" - a video of a little girl being hurled off a sheep/lamb. (They're the same, right?) Please, dear readers - this is truly something I need more information about. Who are these kids? Are they farm kids who do this all the time? Or just suburban Houston kids that are brave? Do you have to sign a "i won't sue if my kid dies" waiver? Please enlighten me and Jess in the comments section because we want to learn everything we possibly can about it.

Have a good day kids! XO, Megan




Hi friends! Great news - it's Friday! Even better news - MadMeg has a new,cool client! Introducing RongRong Devoe, a fashion illustrator originally from Qingdao, China now living in the H-tizzle. RongRong's work has been featured in Vogue, West Elm, and as of now, Greetings from Texas!

to see all of RongRong's work, check out her etsy shop & follow her on instagram

I'd learned of RongRong when I was at Langford Market and actually designed the graphic for a trunk show she was doing with one of our stores. It wasn't until last weekend at Thrive, however, that we met. After initial conversation there, a meeting last week, and 1.2 billion supplemental emails since then, we hammered out a contract! As of yesterday, I'm handling  Rongrong's PR, bookings, brand collabs, live sketch events (don't know what that is? watch this video - so cool!) and more. Under my tutelage I plan for RongRong to have a Bravo show by next year and her own federal holiday the year after that. 

Meet Rongrong!

*What's on tap for the weekend everyone!? I want to go to the rodeo!!!!!!

XOXO, Megan