My favorite restaurant in Houston

Life doesn't get much better than it did last Tuesday when Candace and I got to host B&B Steakhouse's social media influencer dinner. 

It was almost too good to be true; owner, Ben Berg, (above, center) let Candace and I invite 30 of our blogger friends, fed us, got us tipsy (or was that just me?) and sent us on our way. Such a baller that guy.

B&B encompasses my favorite type of fare at restaurants. American with good salads, sandwiches, fries, seafood options, and a lengthy dessert menu. That's the lunch menu anyway - the dinner menu is more typical steakhouse fare which is good too - though in that scenario I'm always in it for the dessert.

R to L: Shelly (check out Shelly's new line, Curated Cotton!) Julie, and Me

What's happening here?

For real though.

After dinner Julie, Candace, Emily from The PR Boutique and I walked down the street to Julep for a night cap. And then another night cap at Julie's house. The next day was fun too where we were texting each other selfies to see who looked like shit the most. #threewaytie

Do yourself a favor kids and go see Ben at B&B. If you can swing it, they are having a rooftop dinner on the 4th of July with fireworks and stuff which sounds pretty phenomenal. Feel free to invite me if you score a reservation. 




Dehydrated in Austin, Texas

It's a tradition in my extended family to go on a trip for your 30th birthday. You may remember Anne-Marie's bash in New Orleans or my brother's bash who creatively choose  New Orleans as well. Last weekend my cousin Jess turned the big 3-0 and not only did she not make me go to NOLA (there's nothing to eat in the city - everything's covered in Old Bay) she choose to ring in her next decade of life in the great state of Texas. (Austin to be exact.)

 Merry Christmas to my family who will all be receiving these amazing plants/planters from  
Plaid Pigeon this year. Not only are they EVERYTHING (pics don't do them justice) but affordable as well unless of course my family is reading this in which case they're super expensive. Please return the favor. Thanks.

I was going to photoshop me and someone I hate in this right picture but I couldn't think of anyone, which I suppose is good. I think Nick Cannon is ultra annoying but not enough to go to the trouble. I considered political figures - Hitler or Kim Jong Un. ISIS was on my short list of contenders but I was scared I'd then end up on their short list and that'd be stressful. Other possible candidates include; any TSA officer, the cop who is responsible for my current enrollment in defensive driving, and for some reason Alton Brown from the Food Network irks me. 

Chris Pratt - I'm talking to you. Have you guys seen this Chris Pratt clip? My boo so funny.

It's been a while since I expressed myself through dance. I woke up the next with extremely sore thighs (so much dropping it like its hot!) and a sizable bruise on my right boob - though that wasn't from the dancing but the agile way I choose to get into my bed that night.

Overall, it was a great weekend. Keep it up ATX and happy birthday Jess.




I've been hearing about bulletproof coffee now for a while and have been wanting try it. For those of you who are, "um, what's that now?" I'm gonna send you over to this Huffington Post article to catch up. The jist though is that bulletproof coffee (containing butter and oil) will make you lose weight and more alert. 

Having just received a fancy Coffee a la Carte Coffee + Tea Maker from Capresso, it seemed like the perfect time to brew some butter. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.  

*How ridiculous is Sara? She reminds me a lot of myself, the poor thing.

*We absolutely did it wrong. We were supposed to use grass-fed butter. Oops. Also, we were supposed to drink the coffee as a meal replacement, not supplement. Damnit - we're for sure getting fat!

*This coffee machine is LEGIT. I was intimidated at first and thought it was way too complicated for me. I've never owned a coffeemaker that cost over $20. But now that I have it down its life changing! I love that I can make multiple cups of coffee in the morning as opposed to a huge carafe - yet it's still not a K-cup machine. 

Let me know what you guys think about bulletproof coffee. For example, are there any cafes that serve it? I don't know if I have the energy to try again myself!

Have a great start to your week!
-Megan, (Sara + Charlotte)





photo by AshleyBeatrice

I curated the internet, as one does. Please enjoy.

-Remember mood rings? Introducing  "mood condoms" where the color is not dictated by your mood, but rather your STD. Why aren't we talking about this more?!??! This is all I want to talk about!!!!

-I'm not sure who's behind this but I'd love to take the James Patterson and Dustin Hoffman classes if they were cheaper. Maybe I can get my Uncle to pirate them for me. Uncle Frank* - I'll be in touch! *Name has been changed to protect the guilty.

-Judd Apatow discusses his book, "Sick in the Head" and the movie "Trainwreck." Aziz Ansari on "Modern Romance" and thought-provoking ideas about online dating. Both on the same episode of Charlie Rose

-What are you doing tomorrow morning? My Mad Meg client, Sahar, is doing a yoga class at Langford Market (Heights location!) at 9am. While the detes are here on Culture Map, it shockingly fails to mention that me, Candace, Julie, and the Mad Meg interns will all be there. As will the Houston Chron in preparation for an imminent story!!  If you want to come just email me and I'll RSVP for you.

-I'm been searching for the perfect red triangle bikini forever! I found it this morning at Banana Republic (weird!?) and its ON SALE! #destiny (Here's the bottom.)

-I met Lindsey this week at the B&B event. I've been a fangirl of her blog since I discovered it but now I'm a IRL fangirl as well. Hi Lindsey!

-If you've talked to me in the last two weeks, I guarantee I talked your ear off about The True Cost - a fashion documentary about the horrifying monster that is fast fashion. I'm in talks with the True Cost camp about hosting a Houston screening. Stay tuned on that and RIP Forever 21. #sad #seriously

-Brandi added the cutest tank to her Bueno Bueno line. I especially how she styled it here

- Same dog, new tricks? Is that the expression? Probably not. Either way, two of my dearest bitches (nailed it!!) have launched new projects. Indiana has a new blogcast called Mom Jeans & Dad Jokes and Jessie and her hubby launched a podcast called Marriage is Funny. Both Indiana and Jessie are blogging pioneers so to see them reinvent themselves like this makes me a proud friend and an inspired colleague. 

- This ring, this old navy shirt, and everything from BooHoo .#christmaslist

Have a good weekend everyone! 


Manor - 20% off for GFT readers!

Henry The Elephant Pillow $30  //  Purple Agate Geode $29.99  //  99 Problems but  a Baby Ain't One  // Bourbon Candle  //  Mickey Mouse Print  // Donut Print

Shop The Manor is a classy online boutique that became a little less so yesterday as they started carrying my book! While I'm honored, especially given its their debut book to be on the site, there's a little sumpin sumpin in it for you too. Owner Beth Delozier-Hayes, who I've met and become pals with over this past year is offering 20% site wide for my readers! Just enter discount code "GreetingsfromTX20". 

Beth is also giving away a copy of my book on the Manor instagram feed! It's super easy to enter so feel free to be enticed by that as well.

Happy Hump Day friends! I stayed up way too late last night with Julie and Candace so today is gonna be rough. Too bad Manor doesn't sell aderol - I'd buy that in bulk right now, full price even. Think about it for fall Beth, cool? 

XOXO, Megan



Tonight at B&B Butchers + Restaurant

How's everyone doing today? I'm fantastic! My hangover from the weekend finally seem to be subsiding and I'm excited about the dinner I'm co-hosting tonight at B&B Butchers & Restaurant with my bestie Candace.

Everyone meet Ben. Ben is the owner of B&B which just opened last month. I met Ben a few weeks ago in preparation for tonight's festivities. Not only was Ben nice enough to treat us to lunch when we were there but gave us a tour of the restaurant as well. 

For example, this is Ben and me in a small room where they dry the meats....I think. Don't quote me on that, it's hard to take selfies and listen at the same time.

This is the butcher/deli part of the restaurant. Adorable, no? The type of place you'd want to take your Italian grandma or hired hit man.

L to R; Emily, Candace, Ben and me.

Have a good day everyone and go to B&B when you get a chance. I don't have the authority to give it a Michelin star but it's got a Megan star for sure which is equally regarded in some circles. 


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