Dear Megan

Welcome to a new "advice" series I'm starting, effective now.  It was the brainchild of an anonymous person in my life who we'll call "crushing in corporate". This person sent me an urgent text this week to get my thoughts on making out with a colleague. Before I could reply to her text, however, she sent a 2nd one saying, "You should start an advice column on your blog." Although it was obviously a "tongue in cheek" suggestion I was like "That's Brilliant!". So here I am giving said advice about the "tongue she wants inside her cheek" #nailedit and any other tricky situation you readers might need input on. Let's get started!

Dear Corporate Crush Conundrum-

You've come to the right place. Romances in the workplace are a special interest of mine, perhaps because I conducted a saucy one myself circa 2005. Here's what I know;

Office romances are just another benefit your company offers you in exchange for your hard work. They are no different than, say, a 401k plan, health or dental insurance, and the use of a company gym.  In fact, this is something that you want to be cognizant of when accepting an offer. Ask for an office tour if one isn't offered to you and scope out the scene. (Don't forget to look for wedding rings!)

Here's an analogy that may be helpful. Would you balk at taking a complimentary muffin from the company lunchroom? Of course not! Then why hesitate when indulging in a delicious colleague? As long as the interaction is consensual (I absolutely do not condone rape) I see no ethical problem with it.

Happy Hour is an excellent time to lock down a cute colleague. Perhaps order a shot for each of you (I'm partial to Jager) and make some sort of witty work reference. Once you both achieve a buzz, invite your crush back to your place for something you know he's into. (A special bottle of wine or whiskey would work, pot, or the promise of ordering a pizza fall into this category.)

In my experience, an office romance made going to work exciting. No longer was I selling copy machines door to door, but rather preparing for an early morning date.  Gone were the days I wanted to call in sick or play hooky. (Not to be confused with a "hickey" which sometimes happen in scenarios like these.)  Sure, I had to quit promptly after things died down and got awkward - but the economy is good again, no? Jobs are a dime a dozen but true love lasts forever.

Go get your man!


*Have a question in which you'd like to solicit my advice? Email me at megansilianoff(at)gmail(dot)com and I'll put it in the cue. Please know that your identity will remain anonymous and that I'm not a trained therapist I just play one on this blog.




Last month I had the pleasure of hosting a "For Reals Meal" - a Chicago dining series created by Jessica Murnane. The concept is that each month Jessica selects a "host" to cook a plant-based meal and throw a dinner/lunch party accordingly for 5 strangers of their choosing. This curated group then bonds over the new fare and friends that they've been introduced to and lives happily ever after!

When Jessica asked me to host I was pumped yet concerned about the logistics given I don't live in Chicago. Jess didn't seem down with my Houston road trip idea (rude) or an al fresco picnic in Grant Park. (Who doesn't love Chicago in winter?) But then she suggested having her friend, Anne Owen, owner of Owen + Alchemy, whip up some food and renting a hotel room to eat it in. We high fived and never looked back.

I handpicked a group of fellow creatives who are doing things I liked and/or wanted to know more about! Joanna, for example, is a literary agent. As someone who writes books, I loved getting more insight into her daily grind. At the end of the day though it was just really nice to break bread (plant based of course!) with likeminded chics who share the same life ambition as me - make a living doing what they love.

Top Left: Jessica Murnane (creator of this website you are looking at)
Top Center: Joanna MacKenzie, Literary Agent at Browne & Miller
Top Right: Jess Keys, The Golden Girl
Bottom Right: Merl Kinzie, Clyde's Rebirth
Bottom Center: Me
Bottom Right: Caitlin Kerr, The Foxglove Studio

The Menu a la Owen + Alchemy:
-Sprouted grains salad, roasted local carrot, smoked tomato vinaigrette
-3-kale salad, shaved fennel, almond, radish, creamy avocado dressing 
-Kelp noodles with jalapeƱo, lemongrass vinaigrette, daikon, cilantro, scallion, sesame, carrot, and wakame

Bon Appetite Biatches! The food was TO.DIE.FOR. My favorite was the kelp salad but that's like saying my favorite TV show is Homeland. It doesn't mean I'm not equally obsessed with House of Cards too.

Here's Anne, who in addition to the meal, brought some of her most popular juices from Owen+Alchemy.  #delish

We also had this kind of juice.

Ladies who lunch.

Dessert was orgasmic. Jess made her famous chocolate chunk cookies. She explained these suckers best when she said "a lot of times my food is good considering its plant based. These cookies are good without having to take that into consideration. These cookies stand on their own." Amen sister. Now pass me another one.

Caitlin geeking out over the cookies.

After everyone left Jessica and I stayed back and she interviewed me for the 18th episode of her podcast. She called it Becoming a Cancer Champion + The Power of Telling Your Story. We laughed throughout the entire thing mostly because we think we're hilarious (we are) and possibly because of the formerly mentioned champagne "juice".


*Thanks to Eva Deitch for the amazing photography. You can see more of her work here

*Thanks to Owen+Alchemy for the DIVINE food.

*Thanks to Jessica for inviting me to host. Also, Jess has a new e-cookbook coming out called A Year Of Breakfast that I contributed to. Check that out here!



Greetings from Santa Fe + The Sunshine Tienda!

 photo sunshinetienda_zps96763e80.jpg

I've been saying for a while now that I want to take a trip to Santa Fe. I've never been and pretty much know nothing about the city. (I just googled it to confirm what state it was in.)  But I know that it has a thriving art community, lots of movies are being shot there (aka celeb sightings), and it'd be a vacation. So I'm pretty much sold.

Until I can make this trip come to full fruition (comment below if you have a passion for free babysitting) I'm going to be shopping at an online boutique I recently discovered call Sunshine Tienda. Although their shop is curated with jewelry and home goods from around the world - the pieces that resonated with me most were what I call "Santa Fe-ish." Again, I just learned that Santa Fe is New Mexico - so it doesn't mean they are reminiscent of Santa Fe. But in my world, the same world in which Saul from Homeland should replace Obama in the White House, these products are equivalent with a Santa Fe postcard.

The best news here (or only news really) is that you guys get 20% at the shop if you enter the discount code "megansreaders" when you check out. If you order by the 20th - you can get your items by Christmas.

Love, Megan

*This was a sponsored post but, as always, the thoughts, stupidity, and overall creative direction of the post was 100% me. 




Should you recall, last month I did a book signing at Langford Market in Dallas. (Plano actually.)

Hi I'm Megan. Buy my book.
99 Problems but a Baby Ain't One (available in e-version as well)
Family, friends, and strangers (but now new friends) attended and I was touched by every single person who came.
Did I mention Macy was there? If not it's because I've tried to block it out. This little girl is wildly happy, active, and verbal - all characteristics that will serve her well in life.  Not so much, however, when her mother is trying to conduct a semi-professional commerce situation in a place of business. 

The two hours I was signing books to pay for her imminent college education, Macy independently explored a busy parking lot, pulled all the fringe off my skirt, and "peeping tommed" everyone who used the fitting room. Such a precious little darling!

*If you missed the signing and would still like an inscribed copy of 99 Problems, perhaps as a meaningful Christmas gift to someone in your life, email me, and I can get it out right away.

Gossip Girl




My platonic lover, Jessica Murnane, has a digital cookbook coming out January 6th called Year of Breakfast! In it contains a delicious breakfast recipe for each month of the year. (Similar to her previous cookbook A Year of Cookies - also outstanding.)

Whether you're plant based like Jessica, gluten-free like Elizabeth Hasselback, or a straight up meat-eater like Chris Brown you need to buy this book. Allow me to persuade you.


1. The first and most important reason - I contributed to A Year of Breakfast!!! Not a recipe but something we're calling "a bonus extra"! So not only are you buying Jessica's book, but "my book" as well. Family members reading this are now obligated to buy it.

2. A plant based diet is cool. I've been plant based for almost a month now. (Save a donut last Friday and a situation with Taco Pizza in Chicago.) I have to say - I'm drinking the kool aid. I feel great and never have I been closer to achieving my life long dream of becoming an Olsen twin. (Kidding. Not really.) Plus Forks Over Knives & Hungry for Change scared the shit out of me. (Both on Netflix.)

3. If you pre-order A Year of Breakfast by Jan 1st, you'll receive some sweet 'lil bonuses which I'll let Jess tell you about here.

And the final reason to buy this book??

4. “Nutella” Coconut Quinoa Oatmeal is one of the recipes in the book. I mean, how do you not want to eat this?
I love you!

Here comes the call to action......

Pre-order the book now!





The internet is flooded with "gift guides" right now. They're trending. In fact, and this is interesting, there are the same number of gift guides published on the web right now as there are published testimonies from Bill Cosby victims. (Hey oh! Coming straight out the gate with a joke!! On a Monday!! High five!) The thing about my gift guide, however, is that it's the best!  #modesty

Why you ask? Because of its authenticity. I actually reached out to different friends and family to see, specifically, what they wanted. I think in the scientific world that's called R&D, no? Research and Development? I researched and developed the shit out of this guide. Some of that resulted in really creative gifts that will surely be a unique and thoughtful idea for someone on your list. Other requests, such as my brother's desire for "a boat" might be less helpful. But I felt I had to include his submission after I texted him "respond to my fucking email Ryan" and he did.

So without further ado, may I present the 2014 Greetings from Texas Gift Guide.
*ribbon cut*
 photo thetophoustonbloggers_zps94f631c3.jpg

Shoppity Shoppity friends! 
Jesus might be the reason for the season -  but gifts are a close 2nd. Megan 3:16



The Best of the World Wide Web - December Edition

by Kara Rosenlund


- How to Ruin Your Life (Without Even Noticing You Are) - Whoah! Some profound and powerful shit right there....I want to read this every morning before I start my day.

-Follow that article up with this documentary called Happy. I watched last night on Netflix. Also super interesting but annoying because one of the takeaways is that you should work out more. Ugh.

-A duo called "Duo" (see what they did there?) gave me goosebumps with this 2.5 minute mashup they covered of 2014 hits.

-Fellow Anthony Bourdain fans - he was just interviewed by Charlie Rose. Watch it here

- I'm becoming a minimalist. I've already dropped a box off at that Goodwill. (Such a lie - the box is in my trunk with the intention to drop it off at Goodwill. I'll make it there by Easter.)

- I discovered Kara Rosenlund through Danielle. I'm obsessed. My New Years Resolution is to buy one of the horse prints. (Because that's how you become a minimalist, right? By buying more stuff?) They are beautiful though and its means something to me as my family has an inside joke about horses. Right Jess

-Follow me on instagram, I got some #TBT pics to post today that I'm excited about!