Collar At Me!

Hi friends. How's life? 
Mine's alright- just living the dream and stuff.

I got this new "Collar at Me" dress recently and not to brag but people have been hollering at me ever since. 

For example, the River Oaks District security guard hollered at me because we apparently weren't allowed to take these respective pictures in The River Oaks District.

My bestie, and fellow blogger, Candace (left) also hollered at me lots. Only when the security guard was circling back my way though, so I could "act natural" or run, whatever my adrenaline told me to do.

I then did the same for her, our code word being "eagle".

"Looking good Can!! Shit, wait........Eagle at 2 'o clock. Let's move!"

*For details on Candace's look, hop over here.

Holler to photographer Kyle Weber for the pics!





After months and months of you guys emailing me about starting a monthly favorites series*, I've finally gotten my act together to give my people what they want! 

Without further ado, here's what I've been loving in July!!!  

*I actually didn't receive any emails from you guys, but this was an easy and exciting way to introduce this post, and made me feel temporarily important.


Just when you think you couldn't love Jennifer Aniston anymore, her Huffington Post article reminds us that we're complete and fully formed, just the way we are. A lack of partner or kiddo is not a reflection on one's happiness or a sign that their life trajectory is unfinished. Preach on Rachel Green!

Topshop Leopard Clog - Objectively the perfect summer. Plus the price is right at $48! They come in brown, blue, and pink two. Buy two pair - you deserve it.

OPI's Got Myself Into A Jam-balaya - I haven't bought polish in years because I do the whole shellac thing  but Candace turned me onto this hue and I need it!

The Roommate Book - My friend Becky Simpson's 2nd book is out and it's the absolute perfect 'lil thing to give to your favorite college student heading back to school next month! 

Ali Wong, Baby Cobra- If you like Amy Schumer, you'll love Ali Wong. She's changing the game of female stand-up comedy in the best way possible. Delivering her act while preggo and having a bit about a previous miscarriage are examples of this. But I don't want to politicalize her stand-up because what's first and foremost about this girl is she's fucking funny.

10% Happier Podcast with Dan Harris - I 100% believe that meditating can make me 10% happier and love Dan Harris' podcast that interviews folks like Mario Batali, Gretchen Rubin, and Ariana Huffington about their meditation habits. 

That's It Bars - I like the idea of Lara Bars but the taste? Bleh. I discovered That's It bars at a gas station of all places though and I'm in. The ingredients in the apple/mango bar are apple and mango. That's it! Ha! Order them in bulk for your kiddos on-the-go brekkie!

Hopdoddy Burger Bar - Now in Houston (in addition to Austin, Dallas, Denver, CA, etc.)  this place lives up to the hype! My first tips would be to dine during non-peak hours. The line is no joke and having to order at the counter is the one draw-back of the place. Two, and this is important, Uber there. They have an array of fun, creative drinks and you're eagerness to try them will leave you inebriated. 




Though I'm completely comfortable being in the spotlight *hair flip*, today I'm introducing you to the REAL hero of From J to Z: The Shawn Carter Story.  Introducing Luke Harper, the illustrator responsible for making my vision of a children's book about Jay Z come to life.

Luke and I are coming up on our one year anniversary as we met last summer through Mad Meg intern at the time, Sara Nelson. (They had been high school classmates.) I was meeting with three illustrators that week but I offered Luke the opportunity on the spot despite having two meetings to go. I just knew he was my guy!

Luke is young, (still a student at UT! HOOK 'EM!), talented, sweet, and potentially single ladies!!! (I don't know - I didn't ask him that question. You guys can though!)

Without further ado, here is Luke Harper!


1. Did illustrating the book impact how you felt about Jay Z? If so, how?

Before illustrating the book, I didn't really know much about Jay Z, but now I'm a fan!  My favorite songs of his are "Izzo (H.O.V.A.)," "Dirt off Your Shoulder," and "Otis."  I like how easy it is to understand what he's saying.  

2. What was it like working with Megan? Is she as crazy as she seems?

Megan communicates very effectively, so working with her was easy.  She expressed her ideas well, she gave me good feedback on my work, she helped me plan every illustration, and, most importantly, she responded quickly.  I never had to wait!

Luke and I in when we met up in Austin.
I don't know what I'm wearing and don't really want to talk about it.

3. You’re a crazy talented artist, but you’re not majoring in art at UT. Can you talk to us a little bit about your decision process on that.

I honestly didn't go into college thinking that I wanted to be an artist.  While I've been drawing all my life, it never crossed my mind to do anything with my talent.  I just focused on doing well in school, and didn't think about what I wanted to do in the future.  However, once I started to learn about the people and the processes behind the movies, animations, comics, and video games that I love, I decided that I wanted to enter the creative world!  At UT, I'm a History major and an English major with a minor in Art History.  I think that all of the writing that I'm doing for school will complement my painting and drawing.  All of my interests are about combining storytelling and art.

4. What part of illustrating the book did you enjoy the most? What part did you least enjoy?

Once Megan and I decided on using watercolors for the illustrations, I had a blast painting!  Meanwhile, all of the time that I had to spend in Photoshop removing pencil lines from the illustrations wasn't fun, but now I know for sure what I would do differently!

5. You grew up in Houston! What are your five favorite spots in the city?

Houston is low-key so good.  Five favorite spots in the city?  Memorial Park is a world-class running venue, Fat Cat Creamery is the best ice-cream destination, the Galleria is actually super fun to walk around, Rice Village is great because that's where I hung out with my friends back in high school, and finally, the Goode Co. Taqueria is the hero of Mexican food: truly the best of Texas and Mexico.  Meanwhile, I really want to check out the mysterious underground tunnels that are supposedly beneath downtown Houston.  I literally never knew they existed until two years ago.  

**To keep up with Luke, follow him on instagram! Or better yet, stalk him in the Houston Tunnels. Sounds like he'll be hanging out down there this summer!




Jungalow Room Makeover w/ LaurInteriors

So here's the sitch. I had a room in my house that looked like this.

Coming soon to Architectural Digest.

Most people in my apartment complex use it as a dining room. But here's something neat about me - I eat 100% of my meals on my couch. 

I wanted to do something creative with the space and thought having a meditation room would encourage me to meditate more. I went to Home Depot, got a few paint samples, and wallah - I was completely overwhelmed.

Enter Lauren of LaurInteriors in Milwaukee,Wisconsin. 

Connected through an internet friend (thanks Katelyn) Lauren and I began working together remotely. I told Lauren a bit about what I was going for in terms of a zen room with lots of plants and she was like, "you mean like a jungalow?" and I was like, "I don't know. WTF is a jungalow?"

After a quick google search, I learned that a jungalow is  a super rad lifestyle blog and something the urban dictionary defines as a treehouse. My definition of a jungalow goes more like this - "a room with a shitload of plants." 

Either way, I loved Lauren's vision and it was full speed ahead.
inspiration board by LaurInteriors

Here’s something else about me. I’m not rich. It's as tragic as it sounds.

Prior to working with Lauren, I would have assumed I couldn't afford an interior designer, let alone their taste. But Lauren's tagline is, “Real people, in real spaces, on a real budget." And she proved it by sending me a final mock-up with links to everything I'd need to buy accordingly.

So without further ado!


Pretending to read, as one does.

Two of my favorite parts of the room; the wall hanging that Lauren made and my record player.

Lauren also made this pom pom curtains!! What?! This chic is a machine!!

***I'd like to interrupt this blog post to tell you how I got the couch into my jungalow****

Another big player in this whole jungalow makeover was a company/app called Pick Up. I'd like you to think of them as Uber for when you have to move. 

So here's the deal. I found this couch at Fleastyle, wanted it, but had no way to get it home in my small car. 

Don't worry guys - Pick Up to the rescue! 

I simply downloaded their app and botta bing, botta boom - movers quickly arrived to follow me home. (Me in my car. Them in their pick-up truck with the couch). Genius, no? The whole thing only cost me $65 and the majority of Pick Up employees are ex-military or off duty fireman. Hubba Hubba!  (Currently Pick Up is only in Dallas, Ft. Worth, and Houston but expanding soon.)

This pic makes me sad as the blue plant has since been killed by it's owner and is no longer with us, may it rest in peace.

*Thanks so much to LaurInteriors for making all my jungalow dreams come true! 

I have to go mediate now. 

Photography // Rocio Carlon



Houstonia Article

Gahh!! This was fun to see on Houstonia's front page yesterday!
Check 'er out here - thanks Sarah Rufca for the article!!!

Have a great weekend everyone! I'm off to Chicago for the day as I have a client filming what's sure to be a hilarious web series. I'm really excited about it! Follow @madmeg_pr on instagram for sneak peeks!!!

See everyone next week!!





Houston, we're getting a Nars Store!  This is a big deal for three reasons;

1. There are only 8 stand-alone Nars stores in the entire world!!! We're getting the 9th! The people at Nasa disagree, but this officially puts Houston on the map in terms of important commerce being conducted.

Nars is opening in the River Oaks District, a place I need to be spending more time in.

2. Nars opens THIS SATURDAY & the first 50 shoppers will get this lip pencil for Free 99!!! 

3. Nars is my fave! Ever since I started getting lashes, I don't wear much make-up. I do wear Nars lip pencils on the reg though and they are the ONLY lip product I'll wear. 

A new favorite Nars product though is their blush called.......wait for it..... "Sexual Content"

Told you.

I never thought I'd be a blush wearer- but you win Nars. I love it.

If any of you go to the opening on Saturday, let me know! 


*This was a sponsored post and I feel great about it. I hope you do too!



Hi! How is everybody? Hopefully dying for a scintillating update about my life because that's what you're about to get.  Let's get on with it, shall we?

Nothing makes me happier than candid pics of kiddos with my book. 
Especially the bottom left one - THAT'S MY NEPHEW!!! 
If you don't have my book, feel free to buy it here. And if you want to share a pic of your kiddo with their book, you'd make my day! Upload it to your instagram and tag me (@greetingsfromtx) or you can email me! Hov!

Houston - we have a SoulCyle!

Me (most left and super sweaty and gross) with fellow girl bosses from left to right; Roz PactorEsther Freedman, Marla Murphy, Meredith Staggers

For those of you who that are all "Soul what"? SoulCycle is the spin gym that started in NYC and was made famous by its celeb clients like Kelly Ripa and Lea Michele. Despite the hype that surrounds SoulCycle, I was nervous for them coming to Houston as it's a saturated marketplace as we already have Define, Revolution, Ryde, and Ride (not joking - there's two gyms named Ride - just spelled differently) that offer very similar classes. 

That said, SoulCylce was pretty great guys. They hands down have the best merch - I wanted to buy one of everything they had and their space is so bright and clean. For people not familiar with these type of spin classes - I love them because you get your cardio, but they also integrate aspects of yoga with candles, moments of guided meditation/silence so you get your mental benefits too. 

If you're in Houston, def try SoulCycle. Tell them Megan sent you. They'll be, "oh that blogger that was super late to the event she was hosting and then died throughout the entire class?" To which you'll answer, "Precisely." 

New Restaurant alert - or at least new restaurant to me. Harolds on 19th street is where its at folks. It had been on my radar being right across the street from Manready Mercantile and Emerson Rose so the location is ideal. The food is great too. Harold's generously hosted my blogger friends and I upstairs where they serve southern and creole food.

Downstairs, however, they have what they call Harold's tap room and Alli's Pizzeria where you can INFUSE YOUR OWN COCKTAILS, pizza, and other snacks. Definitely put this on your to try list in Houston - it warrants it. I was sorta sick the night of the dinner so didn't have much of an appetite, I can't wait to go back so I can really indulge.

And, that is what's been going on in life lately.
Keep it real kids!