My "Cuteness" Interview

Hey kids - I'm over on The Cuteness today where owner of the kids line, Cuteheads, Esther Freedman, grilled me about my e-book, the inspiration behind it, and more. Esther is a major #girlboss and someone whose business aptitude I respect deeply. The fact the she wanted to interview me was an honor.

**When you get done reading the interview, shop Esther's store. This top, this romper, and this tee are my favorites right now.

Thennnn, when you're done doing that, (I'm so bossy today) hop over to my bestie Candace's blog where she gave me some love as well. Candace was especially interested in my book as she's had an idea for a children's book for a while now and I can't wait to help her see that through.

*Lastly, how about something where I'm not shamelessly self promoting? (I'm just as annoyed with myself about it as you are.) I watched Aloha this week, the romantic comedy with Bradley Cooper, John Krasinski, Rachel McAdams, and Emma Stone. SO GOOD you guys. I mean, I love all rom coms but this one had twists so you didn't know how it was going to end and I just want you to love it as much as I did. You can rent it on Amazon for $5.

That's all for today. I have a new Mad Meg intern starting in 4 hours, #excited, so I have to get prepared because I'm 100% not right now.

See ya mañana! 




ANNOUNCEMENT! Houston, we have a new Madewell in Highland Village and it's opening tonight! Not local? No worries - I got you gurl. Here are my faves from their new arrivals. Now I just have to decide if I should Uber OR not drink. Neither sounds like an appealing option. Anyone want to drive me? 

Follow me on insta - I'll gram some hot pics while I'm there!




Candace (left), Julie (center) and I were recently invited to Lerant - a luxury tableware and home decor store located across from the Galleria, in the same strip mall as the Cheesecake factory. 

I'm gonna level with you guys. I didn't think china was something I cared about. I didn't register for any when I got married and because Macy has an ongoing food fight with her plates, and my kitchen in general, I often use paper. #sorrynotsorry

Five minutes in Lerant, however, and I realized that china is amazing, and dare I say, exciting. Who knew there were so many non-white options? I thought all china was the same fragile, fancy stuff used only on the set of Downton Abbey or by people in a tax bracket far higher than mine. 

Suddenly, however, I could see myself on The Real Housewives of Houston (because that's happening and gonna be a thing) pulling out my fancy plates and later throwing them at my guests in a rosé fueled fiasco because, ratings. Obvi.

Our job for the day, was to put together a setting, reflective of our personal style. 

This is what I came up with. Almost. I also had some fantastic zebra napkins picked out but Julie and Candace kept giving me the "over our dead body" look so I gave up.

And let them put the finishing touches on my setting while I posed for dumb pictures like this. We all have our strengths.

See how each place setting represents our personalities? While all three of us are loud and obnoxious, Julie's taste is very modern. Candace's tastes are more classic (ish. I just made that up. I'll have to consult with her for the correct adjective.) And my tastes tend to be bohemian with the slightest twist of basic bitch.

And now its time for the giveaway!!!!

Lerant is giving away a $150 gift card to one lucky person! (Enter below via the easy breezy Rafflecopter widget.)

P.S. Love to Leah Wilson for the photos, Rachel ( from The PR Boutique) for coordinating,  and Lerant for letting us take over your store.

*Make sure to check out both Candace and Julie's posts, too!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Megan at Mascalzones

Tuesday night I traded in my usual bowl of cereal for dinner for a fancy feast at Mascalzones - Houston's newest Italian restaurant.

All my best girls were there too, or in the case of this pic, Houston's "who's who" of #girlbosses!

From left to right; 
Ashley Burdette of Sugar & Cloth
Issa Chou, Editor-in-Chief of Yellow Magazine
Erin Kronberg of Houston Tidbits

And of course the usual suspects, Julie & Candace, were there too.

The stuffed olives and mini pizza appetizers were so delish that I was full by the time dinner started. 

And drunk too. 
Kidding! (ish.)

Bon Appetite.

Bloggers being bloggers. 

Check out Mascalzones guys - I def recommend it and loved how authentic it was.The owner, the waiters, Candace - everyone was speaking in Italian, except for me, who was speaking Spanish just because I felt left out.  

*Thanks Julie, Roz, and Morgan for hosting and thanks Mascalzones for having me. 
I'll be back soon to try your pizza!! Ciao bella!

Have a good weekend everybody,
XOXO, Megan

Photos by Leah Wilson



Happy Anniversary To Me - (And I'm Hosting a Party at Tootsies!)

A year ago today, I wrote this post

It said that my cancer had returned & that Dr. Nick and I had a hot date in the OR.

Spoiler alert - all went well and here I am, a year to the day, inviting you to a fancy party I'm hosting in honor of this very disease. (see below.)

Maybe its just me, but the timing of how this all played out and that I'm inviting y'all an exact 365 days later, seems incredible to me. Eery even. 

It reminds me that I'm an insanely fortunate and lucky person.

-I have a scrumptious, hilarious daughter that I fall in love with more each day.

-Her dad, equally hilarious, is committed, brave, loving, and on pace to be the best dad I know

-next to my own father, who gives me the unconditional love and support that has been the necessary foundation for anything good I've accomplished in my life

-I have a career that I continue to trick people into thinking I'm capable of and am not far off from tricking myself. A career that enables me to be creative and call people like Lydia, Jessica, and Becky not only colleagues but friends.

-I have a sister who gave me a nephew and cousins that I love more than they'll ever know

-I have Chuck and Jer, best guy friends, who are fiercely committed to keeping my 7.5-self humble, reminding me that I have a stain on my dress when I think I look hot, forcing me to  face my faults, yet still are capable of building me up, only when I truly need it, in a way only guy friends can do.

-I have, Candace and Julie, who came into my life when I needed them most.

Last but not least, I have my health, which despite everything I've learned and been through, I foolishly take for granted. For without my health, all of the aforementioned things, are moot.

But not today. Today I refuse to let life's minutia distract from my body that held up during 5 surgeries, continually digests nothing but coffee & sugar, yet still enables me to get the "student discount" at my nail place because the lady thinks I'm in high school. 

Today I'm going to drink a green juice, go for a run, meditate, and thank the universe and the version of god that I believe in for my abundance of fortune. 

I don't deserve all that I have but I promise to do my best with it and find ways to pay it forward so others can feel as happy and healthy as I do. 

But enough about me.


Few quick things about the party;
-I'll be selling/signing my books there!
-It's free!!
-There's booze!
-Tootsies is SO MAJOR!
-Buck, whose mom is Susan, of the Susan Poorman Blackie OC Foundation, will be there. He's sweet, easy on the eyes, and surely making him mom so, so proud. Let me introduce you.
-Anna from Manoosh is an IRL angel. Let me introduce you.
-Buy the "Susan Scarf" I'm wearing here
-Rongrong will be there sketching away! Make her draw you!

Also, Paper City is talking about the soiree! Gah! 

See you guys THERE! 


P.S. Thank you for reading my blog. Just another thing for me to so grateful for.

P.P.S. Just to keep the "emo-ness" going, I'm gonna post some pics from this day, last year, on my instagram and Facebook page. Check 'em out should you wish.

P.P.P.S. I updated MeganSilianoff.com - check 'er out! 




Macy kicked off her modeling career a few weeks ago for a kids line called Cuteheads.
They have the cutest stuff like this romper and this dress.

The shoot was in honor of the line's 3rd anniversary and had a birthday theme accordingly. But it was also to announce their new "design your own dress"  collection, meaning Macy and her model compadres were all wearing custom freaking pieces.
Kids these days. 

I mean, come on. That's f@cking cute. The two blonds in this pic are sisters and the daughters of my friend Lyndsey who writes one my favorite style blogs, L Avenue.

My dad's girlfriend, Nancy, tells me I need to get Macy into professional modeling because her "racially ambiguous" look would allow her to get cast often.  (is she asain? is she hispanic?  is she always this hyper?)  - nobody every knows!  

I did look up Page Parkes one night as I thought Macy could use the money she'd earn for college or presents for her mom. But I got overwhelmed, confused, and afraid Macy would turn into Justin Beiber. So I guess she'll just have to get a job or we'll homeschool her bachelor degree. 

"Craft service" at the shoot. 

Each kid got their own personalized garment bag which they got to unveil to see their dress!

Ta da!

Thank you so much to Esther for including Macy in the shoot. 
And continued success on Cuteheads. You're my favorite #girlboss! 

Shoot Details
Models’ moms Lyndsey ZorichMegan Silianoff and Megan Birkel | Florals from Something Borrowed| Garment bags from The Monogram Shop | Table and chairs from The Foundry | Fruit snacks and muffins from Green Plate Foods | Balloon wall from Cake & Confetti




Hi! What'd everyone do this weekend? I had myself a nice 'lil 48 hours with the highlight being a Saturday night excursion to The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema for their Houston Restaurant Week package.

The trip was compliments of Intergrate, a local PR firm, that reps the theatre and took a handful of us bloggers there accordingly. They even went so far as to have The Wave (aka Houston's drunk bus) so we could all get wild, though judging from above I'm the only that exercised that option.

Said bloggers.

Yess!!!!! So fetch!

The theatre gave out gift bags with props for various scenes in the movie which was a nice touch. Especially because I pawned them off as "gifts from mommy" to Macy the next day. (Clapped when I presented her the tiara. Screamed when I scared her with the teeth. #mybad)  Right picture captured by Brittany

Of course I can't go anywhere without Julie (left) & Can-money. (right.)

We get along so well because we're all so shy and introverted. 
JK - we sound like the micro machine man when we're together.

*Thanks to Intergrate, The Alamo Drafthouse, and The Wave for a beautiful night out. 
Let's do it again soon! Possibly for, Magic Mike 2? Just a suggestion! But for real though, how about Magic Mike 2!?

**I added a few blogs to my blogroll!