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Merry Merry from Macy and Megan (and Basic Invite)

Holler for the holla days!!! Ready or not, tis the season folks. Starting with my birthday yesterday (!), Thanksgiving next week, and Fleastyle tomorrow (come see me!!) the holler days are in full swing. 

Basic Invite Happy Hand Template

Christmas cards are one of my favorite parts about the holidays. Sending them, receiving them, designing them - ALL THE THINGS! (Check out previous ones I've sent here.) This year I'm especially jacked up about cards as Basic Invite reached out to me to offer their services. You guys get in on it too though - use the code "GREETINGS"  - and you'll get 30% anything you order. 

This is my absolute favorite Basic Invite template but I don't have a picture that fits nicely into currently. I'll have to take one this weekend - so family and friends that are on my mailing list - act surprised. Most of you jerks don't read my blog anyway so I suppose we're good. 

 "I read your blog about twice a year." - my brother   #neat #supportive

Basic Invite "Peace on Earth" Holiday Card Template

Basic Invite also does wedding invites, baby announcements, invitations, and they're all supes cute guys so keep them in mind. If you end up ordering a card with the "GREETINGS" discount code, let me know. I'll want to see what you picked out! Better yet, mail me one.

Happy Weekend!

*Come see me tomorrow at Fleastyle where I'll be selling/signing both my books from 9am-4pm at Silver Street Studios. If you've never been to Fleastyle it's ah-mazing!!


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