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Buongiorno from Italy!

Buongiorno my long lost blog readers!!!! Can you hear me? Is anyone still out there?! 

I know it's been a minute. Mad Meg has forced me to let this blog go a bit, and I think that's a good thing. I could, (and maybe will?) write an entire post about the current blogging landscape and my complicated relationship to it but today I'd like to not overthink it and just post some pics with maybe a caption or two. Cool? 

So without further ado, let's get started.
(Not all these were taken by me. If it's good, it's probably stolen from Kim or Jess's instagram.)

We started out in thee worldly fashion capital that is Milan. I actually arrived 24 hours before my travel companions as I'm an idiot and somehow booked the wrong dates. Not a problem though - this "VIP GUIDE" to Milan via Elle Magazine hooked it up.
Here is a church we saw and to be honest that's the extent I know about it.
My take on European cathedrals is that if you've seen one, you've seen them all.
Peace out Milan. Off to Venice!

Exiting the Venice train station to this was, hands down, the most incredble scenery I saw.

Since we were only in Venice for 24 hours, and arrived late in the afternoon, we missed our opportunity for a gondola ride. I did find a dude willing to take us on an "after hours" spin but the pitch blackness, tight fit, and stench from the water made it feel more like a refugee ride than a romantic rendezvous. We laughed through it regardless.


D's P.
 also saw The Last Supper in Milan. 

Another pretty cathedral. Pretty boring that is. 
Ha! Nailed it.

Our day trip to Lake Como (from Milan) was a trip highlight.
Though it was nippy and "off season" for Lake Como, we had a boat chartered so we could get the waterfront view of the thousands of vacation homes. Not a bad situation for those people.

Clooney hunting.


**Come back tomorrow guys where I have another post already lined up for you.
(About Christmas cards!!! Tis the season!)

**And this Saturday I have a booth at Fleastyle where I'll be selling/signing both my books from 9am-4pm at Silver Street Studios. If you've never been to Fleastyle it's ah-mazing!!

Ciao Bellas!


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