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Christmas Cards!

Now that Thanksgiving is over, I'm starting to think about what Danny and I should do for this year's Christmas Card.  We've sent cards each year we've been married, always adhering to some sort of theme.

2010- Our Jay-Z inspired card. Danny and I wore our concert tees and
we put some bling on Book.

2009 - The year of our China trip. This picture was actually taken in Bejing. 
Fantastic, right? Maybe I should just send this card again - I really loved it.

2009 - This was the year we dressed up as Joseph, Mary, and Jesus.
I thought Book made a cute Jesus.

This year, I've been perusing my Pinterest account hoping to get some ideas. Here are some that I especially liked.

This is cute, unless of course, a train comes.
A train changes the tone of this card REAL fast.

 This is great too. Very preppy!
(source credit here)

 Precious. So precious I couldn't help myself....

Merry Christmas from Booker!

Are any of you sending out cards this year?

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  1. I just found your blog. It was the Texas in the title that got me. I'm a displaced Texan living in New Mexico. Would love to be back in Texan.
    I'm much older than you but feel a kinship. I had endometrial cancer in 2010 - 2 abdominal surgeries and a prescription of vicodin. Just had my four month check last week and am eagerly (scared shitless) waiting for the results. I'm on a 4-month freak out schedule - even though on another (grownup) level, I'm pretty sure I'm ok.
    I love your blog. Please check mine out - Dairy of an Even Fatter Girl (

  2. Definitely, DEFINITELY Christmas-wrapping Booker. Mostly because it's the cutest and also the cheapest method.

  3. I love the one with Booker wrapped in lights. All he needs is a star on his head. This year I'm sending the ones made by St Jude. It's 1) easier than finding a Hanukkah card 2) It makes me feel like I'm giving back 3) Christians are always super disappointed if they get a Happy Hanukkah card

  4. I love Christmas cards! We're not this year because we're getting married next weekend but I plan on doing it next year!

  5. i love that Jay Z themed card!! Hilarious!!!!
    It was so good to meet you today!!!

  6. So glad to have met you today! I love your blog--your ideas for Christmas cards are pretty kickass :).


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