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If there were a fire in your house, what three things would you save? We've all been asked that at one point or another.

I got some insight into what I'd do this weekend at my mother-in-laws. Her neighbor's chimney spewed fire onto our roof and theirs.

Turns out, I choose to save nothing, and rather, use the opportunity to get my photo with a firetruck.

The fire wasn't that bad. Plus, I really wanted my picture with a fireman. I couldn't get up the nerve to ask though. They all seemed so busy.

Here's one en route to fight fire.

This experience has really got me thinking though. I've decided, should I ever experience another fire, I'd rescue the following things;

My fam - obvy!

My new shoes from Zara.
(Which I bought after watching, Krystal at This Time Tomorrow, taunt me with them, post after post.)

My bag. I'd for sure save my bag.

Of course, this is assuming the fire is severe. If it's another light one, I'm going for that pic with a fireman.

What would you guys save?

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  1. Awesome blog, lady, and thanks for the sweet comment on mine!

    For some reason i didn't gety our comment in my email, so I'm just going to ask here if you don't mind - where in Wisconsin did you grow up? I'm a transplant from minnesota and I'm loving it down here!


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