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Finders Keepers

It’s the best when you find money in the pocket of something you haven’t worn in a while. But know what’s even better? Finding money and a penis whistle. That’s what happened to me when I put on this dress that I hadn’t worn since a bachelorette party in Nashville 

Penis Whistle
I was ecstatic. The timing was great too – I was with my family, up north, at a bar. I immediately used the $8 to buy myself a drink. Too bad my drink cost $10 – shout out to my Dad for the extra $2!
And later that evening when we sat down to dinner, I used the penis whistle to silence everyone so we could say “Grace”.  My family typically doesn’t say “Grace”, especially at a restaurant, but I really wanted to use my penis whistle. I still do. And will!! According to my mom, I get it back as soon as I’m “Mature”. So probably in a few years here – that whistle is mine.

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