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Medical Emergency-ish

Book and I at the vet.
There was a recent medical emergency in my house. Not me. Or Danny. But Booker. I found a small but noticable cyst on Booker's chest. Frantic, I called the vet and made an immediate appointment for the next morning.

Vet: So what brings your here today?
Me: Booker has a cyst that I just noticed and wanted you to take a look at. (I showed her said cyst.)
Vet: That??! That's his nipple.
Me: Excuse me?
Vet: That's just his nipple. Do you see the other ones all up and down his belly?
Me: I do now.
Vet: Yeah. So anything else I can do for you today?
Me: I guess not. I feel foolish.
Vet: Well...You should.

She didn't say that. I'm sure she wanted to though. Instead she just charged me $40 for the visit. 

In my defense, Booker has a big ass nipple.


  1. His face in that picture is like "Seriously, Mom...this is embarassing..."

  2. I was probably out in the waiting room with my dog ready to ask the same question. Vets have a lot of formal education, but do they have street smarts. A nipple can be a master of disguises. Maybe your dog was born with cysts instead of nipples. Or, for that matter, maybe ALL dogs have cysts instead of nipples. If that's the case, you could make a million with your discovery.

  3. My uncle had a similar experience with his male Lab. He took Wiley into the vet because he was certain that something horrible had happened to his boy part. By the time they got there, the situation wasn't visible any longer but my uncle explained what he saw.

    What he saw, the vet kindly explained, was the dog's 'lipstick', out in all its glory! LOL!!!

  4. You guys are making me feel better. Possible enablers. But thank you.

  5. Seriously. What do male dogs need with nipples anyway? Did you ask the vet that? You should have. Then he would have felt foolish. It could have been a cyst. I feel your pain.

    BTW - I think my dog has cysts all up and down his stomach. Coincidence?

  6. I can one up that, Megan! I worked FOR a vet for awhile, and did the same thing once. And I'd seen a whole, whole lot of nekkid dogs by then. Even so - poof! I decided a nipple was a tumor, probably because it didn't quite line up with its co-nipples or whatever.

    There's a reason I didn't get much "technical" work at that gig:)

    - Georgia, fellow Texan who just stumbled across your blog


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