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Birthday Recap

Well, I turned 30 and it didn't kill me. Though the subsequent partying almost did. Weekends last longer when you start partying on Wednesday. Write that down.

For my birthday, my brother and cousin flew in from Chicago and surprised me.  I was super surprised and super scared. Only because to "surprise me" my brother jumped out from my staircase, picked me up, threw me over his shoulder, and performed lots of shouting. 

I didn't get an initial good look at his face, so I wasn't sure if I was being surprised or robbed. But I was super excited when I found it was the former!  

In other surprises, my parents gave me this.

It was a succession of gifts. Which is my favorite kind of gift to receive.

This luggage tag was first. I thought nothing of it.

Then this.

 (At this point, I thought I was going to Paris. I kept my cool, however, incase my parents were simply giving me a 2012 planner. Which I suppose is a nice gift too.) 

Then this, which was doubly great, given I love the Dummies series.

(Here I was thinking "HOLY SHIT! I'M GOING TO F-ING PARIS!")


So far, being 30 is phenomonal.


  1. Happy 30th! Having reached my 40's already the only advice I can give you for your 30's is this. Don't blink, you'll miss them.

  2. WHAT! that's an amazing birthday!!

  3. visiting you from meg's Mingle Monday! Happy bithday!! and for real, how fantastic is your gift from your parents?! lucky you :)

  4. Visiting from MM - you are adorable girl! LOVE the creative gift! Paris is awesome....
    BTW...loved that fun birthday shirt...but mine would have to read Cabernet, Merlot, Shiraz and Chianti! Looking forward to more laughs from you...newest follower rt here - xoxo from Trinidad

  5. I recently started blogging and found your blog on Life of Meg. Your gift from your parents was AWESOME!! I like how you had to open each one individually. I also thought your birthday shirt was so cute.

  6. What a fantastic gift! And such a cute reveal! I turned 30 this year and so happy/relieved to find out it's not that bad.
    I just adore your blog! So happy to have found it, and following you now!
    enjoy your weekend dear
    Mae from Lili & Mae


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