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Christmas Shopping Expert

As America presumably rushed to finish their Christmas shopping this weekend, I too shopped 'til I dropped.

Danny and I patronized vintage stores in Houston's Heights neighborhood. Unfortunately, we didn't find anything for my Uncle Kelly, who was on our list. I did, however, find many wonderful things for myself. Like this clutch!

Vintage Metal Mesh. It's not in perfect condition but was $10.

Perfect for my NYE in NOLA.

This gem was in a vintage book store.

It's a Harlequin Romance about Megan (me), who gets in a complicated situation with her good looking boss.

I did have to look up 'Harlequin' in the dictionary. The definition wasn't very explicit, though I'm pretty sure its related to the world 'harlot', whose definition is  'whore.'  That's more clear. 

 I've saved my best purchase for last.

Enough said.


  1. I love that clutch!
    BTW, I awarded you the Versatile Blogger award on my blog

  2. I love your new clutch and that Santa is Perfect!!

  3. Nice Blog! who doesn't love vintage stores? awesome clutch

  4. Hi! Visiting from Mingle Monday! I'm a born and raised Houstonian and LOVE the heights. I live in Austin now and always make sure to peruse the shops down there when I'm in town. love that clutch!


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