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Danny gave me flack yesterday for my grocery shopping. It's because in addition to buying groceries we need, I buy ones that I find amusing.  

Like this ENORMOUS pear! Ha!

Obviously this needed to come home with me. Not only would I eat it, but I could entertain myself by taking "to scale" photos like this;

Are you seeing this? It's bigger than my dog's head!

And my favorite coffee cup.

Unfortunately, eating the pear wasn't as fun. I could only take 4 bites before getting full. So in that regard, not the best $3.32 ever spent. (Or as Danny pointed out, 83 cents per bite.)

Still though, you have to admit, it's a big ass pear.

PS - Congrats to Tara at Dashing in Pearls  for winning my Wildfox Couture Giveaway!


  1. Hahahaha! I do this too but it was cheese in the shape of Texas at HEB. I was so convinced that I needed it... but I'm sure you can guess it didn't end well either.

  2. 1. That pear is awesome.
    2. I need that mug.
    3. So excited I won!

  3. I would do the same thing, "IF" I actually went to the grocery store!

  4. Did you see the Blogesses post about bananas? I'll try to find the link...but trust me, you need bananas. If you've got toothpicks handy, then you have a match made in heaven for surprising your hubby with another wonderful treat.

    Happy seeing beautiful!

  5. Yes! I saw it. It was hysterical! One of my favorite posts by Jenny!


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