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10 Steps to Better Blogging

By no means am I claiming to be a blogging expert, but I have picked up a few tidbits along the way. I thought it'd be nice to share with beginning bloggers or anyone looking to increase their blog activity and traffic. So without further ado, let's get you blogging better baby!

Haven’t had time to blog in a few days? A week? Usually post in the mornings but occasionally post in the afternoon? Don’t apologize in your post for the absence. (Or delay.) Your readers don’t care! They’re just happy you posted at all. Plus this apology advertises to first time readers that you’re not a consistent blogger, a message you don’t want to send.

Link-Ups are great. They’re some really good ones out there. (Mingle Monday & Bloggers Do It Better are my faves.) Link-ups will also bring some extra traffic to your site. That said, be leery as to how many link-ups you’re participating in per week. If the majority of what you’re doing and saying on your blog is participating in link-ups, people aren’t getting to hear from or connect with you. And that connection is ultimately what is going to build you a following.

This one couldn’t be easier. End all your posts with a question. (A question that pertains to what you posted about, obviously.) You’ll be surprised how many more comments you’ll get.

Go out and get them. It can be tedious and time consuming but it will yield results. Pick 10 new blogs a day to leave a good, pertinent comment on. End these comments by asking the respective blogger to check out your site if they get a chance. Again - this is only after commenting on one of their posts first.

Don't have great IT skills? Clueless on how to make cute header for your blog? No worries. Hiring a graphic designer is so much more affordable than you think. I hired a graphic designer to design my social networking buttons for just $30. A few graphic designers that I know work with bloggers are Danielle Moss, Alaina,  Studio ChicBlogger Boutique, & Custom Blog Designs.

How do you know if you’re blogging well if you don’t have anything compare it to. Read blogs that are not within your same nitch or genre.  Read twice as many blogs that are. Having a comprehensive understanding of how your blog compares to its counterparts is paramount when beginning to think about sponsorship. 

Sponsored giveaways are a good way to motivate readers to officially follow your blog.  However, make the entry rules for your giveaway as MINIMAL as possible.  Giveaways that require participants to follow the blog, like the giveaway sponsor on FB, follow the sponsor on twitter, and go to the sponsor website are asking a lot of fickle readers.  

Every single time you tweet, your goal should be to get retweeted. A good way to do this is to promote blogs and bloggers with larger audiences than your own. Did one of your favorite bloggers have a funny post? Or guest post somewhere? Tweet about it in hopes they’ll retweet you and you can pick up a few of their followers.

Hash tagging is another good way to get retweeted. Hash tag often and always. Anytime you have extra characters left in a tweet, you should be hash tagging. Hashtag something! Anything! Something is better than nothing. I recently tweeted that I had a new post up about a kayaking trip. I hashtagged  #kayaking. The next day, my post was on the cover of Kayaking Daily. This online magazine would never in a million years have found my post without the hashtag.

P.S. While we're on the subject of Twitter, here's me. =)

Blogger Meet-ups and Conferences do wonders for your blogging career. Spending an afternoon (or weekend) with people who share your same passion is intoxicating. You’ll leave inspired, excited, and with a head full of "stuff"  to incorporate into your blog.

BlogHer puts on great conferences and has one coming up this August in New York! Want to start smaller? Most cities have some sort of blogging meet-up/networking group.  Here are some I know of in Houston, Chicago, & Portland. (**Have a group in your city? Please let me know in the comments section!)

Keep reading about how to improve your blog. The Secrets to Successful Fashion Blogging (regardless if you’re a fashion blogger) is the best resource I’ve found.  How to Build a Personal Brand by Camille Styles is also thought provoking. 6 Tips for increasing your traffic from Pinterest is also a must-read.. What am I missing? If anyone has some faves please provide them in the comment section.

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Well, what'd you think? LOVE these tips? HATE them? Not sure because you just scrolled down to this part here? 

Assuming it's not the 2nd option, do me a favor and help spread the word by tweeting about this! Or if you really want to make me happy, follow my blog! Even happier? Mail me cash. 

Happy blogging y’all!

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