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Picnic in the Park

Ever since Danny and I've been together, I've tried to get him to take me on a picnic. We got halfway there this weekend by hanging out at a park, but the food, the most crucial part of a picnic, was astray.

Danny tried to compensate for the lack of provisions with tricks.
Less tricks funny guy, more food!

So instead of eating

we chilled...

soaked up some sun...

attempted to play with Booker...

Debated what this thing was....

Danny: I wonder what that is supposed to be?
Megan: It's not supposed to be anything. It's just a Chinese thing.
Danny: A Chinese thing?
Megan: Yeah.

And then called it a day.

As far as picnics go, it was terrible. But in terms of a Sunday afternoon, it was decent.

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