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Francesca's Friday!

It's Francesca's Friday y'all! Meaning it's Friday and I'm decked out in stuff almost exclusively from my sponsor Francesca's Collections.

Fedora: Dotted Line Fedora | Dress: Ladybug Dress | Photography: Paige Budde

BTW, I'm obsessed with this bag called the "Cheyenne Messenger."  Danny calls is my "John Denver" bag, though I'm not exactly sure what that means. I call it my "f-ing awesome bag" which is more explicit and clear.

The whole "Frannie's" look. (Does anyone call it Frannies?) Francesca's. Frannie's. It's cute right? Francesca's Marketing Department, call me. I think I'm on to something here.

You know who else loves Frannie's, don't you?

Booker!!! He's a huge fan. Though, to be fair, that's probably because I've been keeping treats in my Francesca's purse.

Want some fun and unexpected news? Greetings from Texas Readers get 25% off when you use the promo code "HOWDY" at checkout online. Amazing, right?! Buy yourself nice! Better yet, buy me something nice! I have my eye on this.

Alright y'all. Happy shopping! Tweet or email me if you buy something - I'd love to see what you picked out.

Seacrest out.

*Thanks again to Paige Budde for these amazing pics. To see more pics from this shoot, check out her photo blog here.

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