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Big Pimpin

I may have mentioned before that I live in Houston's Medical Center. So it makes sense that all my neighbors work at one of the fifteen adjacent hospitals in our hood.  My neighbors are doctors, nurses, hospital IT people, physical trainers to the Houston Dynamo (Shout out to you Theron!!), and even the occasional, yet super cool, med center patient. (Shout out to myself! I love you Megan!)

Over the weekend, however, it was brought to my attention that we may have some sort of rap star(?) living among us which is very exciting!! (And so much cooler than medical professional!) Why do I think this? Because homeboy is cruising around in a ROLLS ROYCE!

Thanks for temporarily leaving your garage open neighbor!

My bestie Lucy scored a pic too.

Note to reader; Don't be fooled by the casual nature of this shoot. Just because we're in our pajamas and the photo quality is abysmal, does not mean this wasn't a highly strategized operation. A lot of planning went into capturing the above moment.  In fact, I remember saying this to Lucy right before she began shooting;

"Okay. So I'll just slowly walk by their garage, I'll act natural, and then you just take my picture super super fast."

I should have been on the team that took down Bin Laden. (Or maybe I was?)

Okay. Let's summarize as I want to make sure this post's "take away" is very clear;

1. Rolls Royces are pretty bad ass.
2. My neighbor that drives one is pretty bad ass.
3. Sick, serial killer, stalker types - I feel nervous giving you such specific info about my whereabouts. Please choose to do nothing with that info. K? Appreciate it.

P.S. On a completely different subject, I'm extending my United Scents Giveaway through today. Enter now as the entry "rules" are practically non existent! Winner announced in tomorrow's post.

And now, the comments!


  1. Ok, so I am going to assume it's NOT but it looks like Lucy is holding a beer and a hand! ha ha! Look closely. Ya never know with a rapper! He may have gotten mad that you photographed his whip!
    I also wanna give you kudos for not trying to take a pic behind the wheel, because that is SO what I would have done! (And then I would have been on The First 48.) ha ha ha!

  2. Talk about stalking, I thought I saw you at the HEB on Dunlavy and W. Alabama. I was all ¬.¬ until she turned around and was like "WTF, weirdo."

    I promptly ran away because how do you explain to someone "Hey, you look like this local blogger that I stalk because I am waiting to launch my blog in September...yeah... HI!"


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