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Funk the Skunk

Allow me to set the scene. It's midnight on Friday. Danny and I have just won the battle against Labor Day traffic, traveling from Houston to Austin. We arrive at Danny's mom house hungry, exhausted, and ready for bed. Danny hits the hay first, me planning to be just minutes behind as I need to let the dog out.

And then it happens. Out of nowhere, a mother f-ing skunk appears and sprays my poor baby as I watch from the porch helplessly in horror.  I scream bloody murder, cry, and black out in hysteria. Danny jumps out of bed (pantless) and throws Booker into the tub. The madness begins.

Danny and his mom bathe Book in spaghetti sauce (ragu - roasted garlic flavor) while I watch in horror and continue the hysteria.

"Honey!! Calm down and get me some fucking pants!" Danny yells. (Rude.)

Per google, Danny's mom and I make a concoction of baking soda/hydrogen peroxide/and dish soap. Next we try mouthwash.

 "Stop taking pictures and fucking help." is what Danny told me here. (Rude.)

We adopted Booker from Chicago's Anti-Cruelty society. He's a mix of Vizsla and beagle. (And now skunk.)

The next morning we continued the war on skunk as we head to Petco to purchase a de skunking product that they allegedly sold. (Per the groomer that turned us away and said we were better off just buying this product.)

The directions on the skunk product didn't explicitly say to drink beer during application, but it also didn't specify not to.

This story ends with Booker still having a mild scent of skunk............neat.


Skunk stories anyone? Let me hear them!

P.S. Despite the chaos, I had time to make a video with my niece on Saturday night. It's  posted here on the Greetings from Texas FB page.

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  1. How terrible! We ran over a dead skunk once & it took several times through the car wash with the undercarriage wash to get rid of the smell! I can't imagine dying to go to bed & having everyone in the house up at midnight trying to get rid of the smell! Poor Booker. He'll never get over this one.


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