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An Attempt at Mommy Blogging

Friday we took Macy to her pediatrician for her second newborn appointment - though Danny and I were poked and prodded more than she was.

To my surprise the appointment began with Danny and I having to get flu shots and a whooping cough vaccines per the doc's recommendation. I was fine with the flu shot, but whooping cough? I was under the impression that was a disease more prevalent in the Middle Ages or The Renaissance Times?? I still don't know...because when I presented that argument to the doc he just laughed like I was kidding. (I wasn't kidding.)

Anyway, I ended up getting the shots which Danny captured for your viewing pleasure.

Please Enjoy.

Alas, it was Macy's turn to get examined, who underwent something called "Newborn Screening." (Creative Title.) They took a blood sample from her heel to test from a variety of disorders, one of which I think was named solely for the purpose of giving me material for this blog.
I know I say WTF all the time....but seriously, WHAT IN THE F-CK!?

Thankfully Macy doesn't have Maple Syrup Urine disease, but you know who does?

 Poor Aunt J.

And this friends, concludes my first attempt at mommy blogging. How'd I do? Actually don't answer that.

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  1. Ok I literally laughed out loud! I just recently heard about that disease..supposedly it is a type of UTI...I am a new follower..this post made me smile!


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