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Deep Thoughts

- I played photographer yesterday for my family's staffing business. I got some good shots! Check them out here on the staffing blog I write for our company.

- I've been in Milwaukee/Chicago since Monday visiting family. Tonight I'm going to Bill & Giuliana Rancic's restaurant called RPM. I'm sexually attracted to Bill Rancic so I hope he's there so I can spit some game.

-My cousin's boyfriend owns a gym in Chicago called Hard Pressed. I have a session scheduled with him for this afternoon. We've been talking shit back and forth. I've been saying things like I'm going to blow you away with my physical strength and poise. And he's been like, Megan, you're for sure going to puke. I feel a future blog post brewing.

- My college roommate sent me this for Macy and she's obsessed with it. Good looking out Kendra!

- Whimseybox - learn about it people. The best way to describe it is 'Pinterest in your Mailbox'. For $15/month you get a cute little package delievered to your doorstep with the supplies & instructions neccesary (among other things) to do a DIY project. Read more about it here.

- I want pajamas for Christmas this year, specifically these or these. Danny, this is your call to action. I'd also settle for these knee socks or this tshirt. It's been a pleasure doing business with you sir.

And that concludes the current interworkings of my brain. I think we can all agree you're smarter for having been subjected to it. You're welcome

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