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Houston Blogger Symposium Holiday Par-tay!

Saturday's party was fantastic! Sure I'm bias but I like to think I know a good party when I see one. Woodstock for example, great party. Boston Tea Party, however, not so good unless of course you happen to be in the coffee business.

Anyway, no need to take my word on the party's fantasticness- below are a few pics that I feel are fairly convincing. 

Me chatting up the always lovely, Davina Hirsch, from Langford Market

Allyson from Mimosas in the Morning manning the check-in table.

My favorite part of the event; the braid bar!

Though to be fair, I think I spent way more time at this bar, sponsored by Dripping Springs.
(For details on what we were drinking, check out Allyson's post here.)

SURPRISE!!! Santa made an appearance at our party!
photo by brandi

Though it appeared he'd had a few Coors Lights on his trip down from the North Pole.

Me grinding with Santa.

Brandi Lisenbe (my party co-host) getting down with Santa. Get it gurrrrrl!

Me on Santa's lap.
(Details on the dress  I'm wearing here.)

photo by brandi

DJ JohnnyMoon was playing the jams y'all!  Best DJ ever with the possible exception of Samantha Ronson, just because I've always really liked her and still have hope that her and Lilo will get back together.

So that's that guys. The party was fun. So much fun that Danny and I hit up the Taco Cabana* drive thru for breakfast Sunday morning. If that's not indicative of a good time had, I don't know what is.
*read my post about Taco Cabana here

Want to see more pictures from the party? Check out my Greetings from Texas Facebook page and also the Houston Blogger Symposium website itself. Thanks to all of you who came! And a special thank you to Brandi for letting use Do or Dye TX as the venue! MUAH!!!

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