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Bible, I wasn't even 100% planning on visiting Dash while in Miami, but on a walk throughout the city, with no particular destination in mind, Jules and I just happened to stumble upon it. (Yay! Because deep down I really wanted to go. Actually, not even that deep down...Just down.....)

Having been to 2 Dash locations, New York and now Miami, (if it sounds like I'm bragging its because I am) I can say that NYC was nicer.

Miami wasn't merchandised well and even its location felt slightly dirty. Right outside the store were a broken eggs, though I suppose that could've been the remnants from a Kardashian hater attack, probably The Hump.

Here Jules, the ultimate Kardashian fan, peruses the racks. Buy me something expensive Jules!

Here I am documenting the experience and wishing that girl in the red pants would stop photobombing all my pictures. What a slore!* 
*Slore is Kardashian lingo for the combination of a slut and a whore. I don't really think this girl is a slore but felt it was appropriate to use Kardashian lingo in my Kardashian post. Plus, the girls was in all my pics, you know?
For more Miami trip pics, check out the Greetings from Texas Facebook Page. See you guys there!

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  1. I always use the word slore! lol I thought they had the girls cleaning up the store on the last episodes! Ughh get it together Dash Miami! lol

    Taylor Brione


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