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LBD by eShakti

I was recently sent this LBD by eShakti which was obviously cool. What's even cooler is that I submitted my measurements to them before hand, meaning this dress was 100% customized for me.
That's eShakti's M.O. though - free customization. And you'd think because of that their dresses would be exclusively for high rollers but this one that I'm wearing retails for $60. Whaaa?!
Photography: Awake

And now here's some exciting news. You can get a eShakti dress (or skirt or whatever you want) for 20% off using a Greetings from Texas coupon code.

I'd personally take a peek at this one and apply the discount there - but that's just me.

P.S. This was technically a sponsored post but my opinions were not compromised as a result. eShakti is cool and you can quote me on that.

P.P.S. Come back tomorrow where Paige and I do an entire Jackie O. inspired shoot using this dress!!

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