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This picture = Sunday morning. I know everyone and their mom is reading this book but there's a reason. It's soo good!! As were the blueberry pancakes. .

Working on my fitness at a Bar Method class with Paige.

Close your eyes stalkers and serial killers, per yesterday's post - this is our new house!

John Krasinski is my ultimate. When I learned of this movie he starred in, co-written by Lena Dunham, my life instantly got better. I's a little dark but I enjoyed it thoroughly. I love you John! Call me!
Anyone read the book? Seen the movie? Took the class? Talk to me people!


  1. Ok, here goes:

    I'm dying to read that book! It's been in my Amazon cart for weeks!

    JOHN IS MINE!!!!!!!!

    Also, EEEEEEKKKK! On the new house.

    And I really really wish I could be at Barre with you and Paige!

  2. Ohhh LOVE the lay out of your new house!!!
    Even working out you look cute... I dont.

  3. That food looks to die for & after i eat i take pure barre in Tampa, lol
    Let's keep in touch, follow me at:

  4. First of all, LOVE John Krasinski. Seriously. He's my hall pass.

    Second, your new house is so cute!!

  5. So we have HDNet Movies. And once a month they play an indie movie 3 times in a row and never again. Before it's out in theaters. To save myself the trek to River Oaks Theater to see a movie I'm iffy about, I check out HDNet Movies. Nobody Walks was one of those movies.
    I DVR it and tell the family to shutup, mama needs her inidie movie time. Lock myself in the room to watch it.
    I couldn't finish it. It was just....meh??? Except for John's beautifuly perfect face. But now I need to know how it ends.
    I also hated Take This Waltz. It saved me $8 but I will never get that 2 hours back.

  6. Breakfast? Divine.
    The workout? Kudos. You have far more self-discipline than I can muster...
    The house? Adorbs. Seriously. Can't wait to see you make it your own--especially Macy's nursery!
    The movie? Definitely going to look it up.

  7. Congrats on your new home! And how did I miss "Nobody Walks"? Thanks for that! :)

  8. CONGRATS on the new house! and happy birthday to your adorable daughter. and thank you for the movie suggestion, that is definitely happening within the next couple of weeks :)

  9. The house is fab, and THANKS for the Lena update! Checking into the movie now...


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