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Camera Rolling

As some of you may recall, I promised to pick the winner to a recent giveaway "live on video".  I upheld this promise and posted the video on my FB page Friday afternoon.
What I didn't promise, however, was to be competent at this process.  Below is a video Danny and I made when we didn't know the camera was rolling. (*Note how rude Danny is.)
Despite not being great at this particular medium, I hope to be incorporating more into my blog soon.  In the meantime, you can click here and see all the videos I've/we've made in the past. Spoiler alert - our Call Me Maybe video is still my favorite. I just watched it again this morning and was nostalgic of a simpler time where we could drink excessively without concern of keeping a tiny baby alive.
P.S. Does anyone know a good video editing software I can download/purchase?
P.P.S.  Isn't Danny so rude???


  1. OH my gawwwd. So funny! I love Danny's hoarse laugh! You two are too much!

  2. you guys are hilarious, i love it :)

  3. Seriously cracking up right now. Love it.

  4. Going from "discussing" things to laughing at yourselves is good!
    PS I've heard that "too many websites open" phrase, too.


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