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A Non Sexual Massage

I've been feeling extremely stressed and overwhelmed lately. Tuesday I was on my computer from 5am - 7pm - sure, it was pinterest the whole time but still. My shoulders were seriously the most painful thing ever so I walked over from the Starbucks I was working at to a Thai Massage parlor across the street, hoping they took  walk -ins. *Note that I was in a nice part of town. I mean - that should go without saying given  I was at a Starbucks. Starbucks doesn't do ghetto - can you imagine a bunch of Crips cruisin around sipping a bunch of Iced Hazelnut Machiattos?
This framed sign is the first thing I see upon entering the parlor, as it was sitting on the check in counter.
Ummmm, what about just the tip? Also, for an establishment that claims not do to sexual services, maybe you should stop talking about sexual services so much.
I will say however, it was a good massage. Look how relaxed I was after?
And when I say relaxed, I mean really relaxed.....if you know what I mean.


  1. LOL!!! Nick didn't believe me when I told him that this happened some places. What a sheltered little dude.

  2. Megan - the reason they have to repeat themselves is that some of the "clients" in these here parts are so dense between the ears, they won't believe anything unless you tell them THREE TIMES.

    Fun fact: at one time, over 50% of the phone numbers for massage parlors/nude modelling studios/escort services listed in the Houston Yellow Pages? Belonged to the HPD (they were seized, then monitored to catch the "clients".)



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