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Biker Chick Chic

I might cry while watching The Voice and buy floral dish towels from Pottery Barn but deep down I'm a tough-ass biker chick. At least that's how this leather vest makes me feel. Other ways it makes me feel? in temperature. It was like 90 degrees out when Paige and I took these pics. Heat stroke people, it's a thing.
*Photography by Awake
So what do y'all think? Do I look like a tough broad?
Note: Check out this ring - it's amazing too! 


  1. Need a tattoo, then it's perfect! Did that sign in the back say Oak Forest? I only caught the Forest part & naturally, I thought.... too much time on my hands :)

    1. I think it says Oak Forest too. I just read an article that says they're starting a free gun/lesson handout in an attempt to deter crime. All Megan needs is a gun to complete the look.

    2. It does say Oak Forest guys! I think it refers to the neighborhood of Houston we were in. And yes - such good calls, tats and gun are obviously two accessories I oversaw. Damnit.

  2. Wow Megan. I'm kind of intimidated by you now.


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