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I was a head hunter for six-ish years, prior to moving to Texas. First for a company in the Chicago Loop which is actually how I met Danny as he was a client. (Not only did I lock down the account but months later - a husband!)  Later I worked for my family's staffing company in Wisconsin. Recently I've been getting back to my head hunting roots but in a more literal fashion. One of these beautiful specimens is going to be "hired" very soon.
Which one is your favorite?


  1. I have seriously been looking for these kind of heads! So glad you put a collection together. Thank you :)

  2. i'm getting #3. my boyfriend hates it but i think it's wonderful and needs a bow tie.

  3. Nice rack!
    I say #4. A little sparkle but not all show-offy like Mr. I'm-a-Grammy-deer like #2. Don't forget to give him a name!

  4. I'm obsessed with these! (As I said in a previous comment where these were only beautiful background.)

    Depends on the room, but gold or silver glitter antlers (3 and 4) make me feel all kinds of happy.

  5. Though I'm surprised you went on the website and just totally ignored the t-rex. For shame.


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