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The Best of the World Wide Web

The following is a list of things on the internet that make me very happy.
Leisurely peruse it in hopes you'll share in some of my joy.  
picture stolen from Fabulous K

I want this mug.

Yet another impressive brainchild of Meg Biram (& fellow TX blogger, Katie Anderson),
To & From Magazine  is an online mag of gift ideas for every occasion - and not lame ideas like you see US Weekly but legit, sweet ideas.  

Along the same lines as Whimseybox, Birchbox, and Dick in a Box (ha!) Lo Bosworth (who we know and love from The Hills) started a company called Revelry House - which is a "party in a box". For $179 you get all the décor you need for whatever soiree you're throwing. It's expensive but well curated & would save SO much time and energy. The 4th of July box is currently on sale here.

I started following Will Ferrell on twitter and he's cracking me up. Here are some of his tweets that made me legit "lol";

-I've got 99 problems and they're all FABULOUS! ~ Gay-Z
-Why was Helen Keller a bad driver? Because she was a woman.
-I almost got raped in jail. My family takes monopoly very seriously.
-*Walks in subway* Cashier: May I take your order Me: I would like a $5 footlong. Cashier: Sure that will be $5.37 Me: The fuck you just say?

Today is the last day to enter my giveaway. It's a cinch to enter meaning you don't have to like anyone on FB, follow someone on twitter, etc. Check 'er out here.


  1. This is all pretty awesome, but the real question is: how do I acquire that faux deer head with golden antlers and a lovely flower in his beautiful hair?

  2. You are my queen, because after only some minor internet navigating, I HAVE FOUND SAID DEER. There's even other animal options and all come in a variety of colors:

    I shall buy him and I shall name him Sir Horny Baratheon (eh eh eh.)

  3. I really really want that mug too! You know who I think should get that for you? That husband of yours who goes golfing in boston and doesn't take you.... just sayin ;)

  4. Hi Megan! I'm one of the co-founders of Revelry House and I wanted to thank you so much for mentioning us! Would love to chat with you. DM us on twitter if you want to say hi. Also - LOVE that deer.

  5. i have been wanting that deer head and when i saw it on her blog i decided that i really did need it. mine will wear a bow tie instead of a flower though.

  6. pretty convinced we're soul sisters. I love all of this stuff too. and those tweets? hilarious.


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