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Danny's 20 Year High School Reunion

Because Danny is older than me, this weekend we attended his 20 year high school reunion from Pearland, (Texas) High School.
Danny (right) & his friend Steve (left.)
Here we posed for a photo;

Here Danny's class gathered for a group photo. Note Danny's extreme school "spirit".
Interestingly enough, Danny had considerably less spirit the next morning.

All teasing aside, we both had a nice time and were glad we attended. Additionally, it enabled me to learn much more about Danny in those formative years. For example, I learned that he made it through an entire year of "computer science class" without ever bothering to purchase the "computer science book". No big deal - I mean, computer science is one of those fields you don't need to know unless you work in it..........which Danny does.......Idiot.
I also learned that Danny struggles with amnesia. Upon seeing a particularly pretty girl at the reunion, I asked Danny her name and if they used to be friends. Danny told me he had "no idea who that was".  Two hours (and Coors Lights) later, however, it turned out that Danny not only knew this pretty girl but had briefly dated her. Idiot.
PS -  Have I mentioned I can't wait until my 20 year high school reunion?!?! What up Franklin Sabers!


  1. Haha, I am scared to say that my 20 year reunion will be coming up in a few years. I missed my 10 year reunion thanks to a case of food poisoning.

    Class of 95

  2. Not going to lie, I'm really excited for my 10 year reunion. Nick's 10 year is next year and he won't go, but I'm begging him to so he can show off his sexy wife ;)

  3. Haha! I love this! My boyfriend is also old, so I love how ya'll can joke about it like we do! I mean...he graduated in '91...when I was 6. Eww, that just sounds weird right?

    Anyway! My stepmom and stepbrother also graduated from PHS, but neither of them were in the 90s. However, I can say that those Pearland people tend to really stick together.

  4. So glad y'all joined us! Nice to finally meet you in person.
    It really was an Epic Weekend! ~sba


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