The Long Weekend, In Portraits

Weekend of July 4th, 2013
Macy; Crawls through her tunnel toy with the utmost charisma.
Danny; Like Picasso but in lieu of brushes, his creative process involves Coors Light.
Booker; He's never met a bone he didn't like.
Megan; Devoured this book because it was so good. (Also fun that it is set in Houston.) If you're in the market for something to read, I highly recommend it. 


  1. Ordering In Between Days on your recommendation. It better be good, or...there's no or. I just hope it's good.

    Booker and Macy are ridiculously adorable. Danny's alright. That side view of your butt looks decent too.

    (I'm re-reading these comments, about to post them, and I just realized how creepy I sound. I've been reading your blog for errrr...two years? Or somewhere around there, though I only started commenting recently. (Parentheses inside parentheses: I found you through The Bloggess. You used to be on her sidebar when you were still megansilanoff.blogspot.com!) So I feel like I know you...but I don't. At all. My creepiness is thus a testament to the excellence of your blog.)

    I'm going to wake up pretty embarrassed I was commenting on blogs after I took a sleep aid (again!), I can tell you that much right now.

    Also, it's probably going to be an awesome surprise when I receive that book.

    1. Yep, this is pretty embarrassing.

      I'll still keep reading, though.

  2. Such great photos!! Thanks for stopping by the blog and for the sweet wishes! xo, Julie
    And I'm sorry if this comment showed up 5 times - computer issues!


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