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Milwaukee Book Signing

The last stop of my book tour took place at The Astor Hotel in downtown Milwaukee. Because I attended high school in Milwaukee, and my mom still lives there, the turn out was amazing and more than I could have ever imagined!
From left to right: My Mom, Anita Miller, Joan Horan, Me, Rita Hodge

This is my friend Adam, who I've been tight with since 7th grade. It made my night that he and his family came!
Left: My Aunt Debbie Shore                              Right: The Costas!!!

Macy was also at the book signing and had a great time with the toys that were present. She must have taken a spill at one point though because everyone kept coming up to be and being like "Oh my god, Macy is so cute......... I think she just fell on her head though?"
This is my friend Dave (right) who'd come straight from work and therefore still in his lawyer attire. Danny (left) kept telling everyone he was a local Politian.
Left: Vicki Lauber, Kristin Martinez & Baby Noah, Me, Pam Ebert   Right: Pammy Bombien!
My high school English teacher, Erin Doucette. Love her! She's also in the book in the chapter entitled "Book Drive".
And that folks concludes the 99 Problems but a Baby Ain't One book tour. (At least for now, I do believe I'm doing at least one or two more events in Houston.) Thank you to each and every one of you came to any of my stops. It was a surreal and fun week of my life that I'll never forget.
P.S. Tons more pictures from the Milwaukee signing on The Greetings from Texas Facebook page.


  1. Yes, definitely do another event in Houston so I can make it to that one! Go Megan!

  2. :)
    This is awesome! Congrats on the book tour. So jealous.
    I need to go pick up a copy.


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