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Football season is upon us. For the next however many months, my house on Sundays will be littered with Coors Light cans, possess an aroma of smoked meat, and the neighbors will routinely call the cops due to a racket in which they will understandably mistake for domestic violence.
Having grown up in Chicago, my feelings toward The Bears are supportive and positive. Danny however takes his patronage to the next level.
For example, the second tv seems excessive, or is that just me?

 And there's always so much meat!!  Yesterday's menu consisted of citrus chicken, bacon-wrapped-shrimp, and a brisket. For an evening game - this is all well and good. But when the Bears kick off at noon Danny is consequently firing the shrimp at 9am-ish, I'm having a bit of a gag reflex issue.

Such a special guy.
Yesterday we had friends and family over to partake in the festivities which always makes the day more bearable for me. Ha! Get it? BEAR-able?  I'll be hear all week folks! (Left: Danny's sister and brother-in-law.   Right: Brad & Charlotte.)
The jury is still out on how these extreme practices will manifest itself in Macy. In addition to college, we're also saving up for her therapy.

A rare moment of Bears enthusiasm for me! The reason? They showed Kristin Cavallari on TV - the aspect of Bears culture I'm most interested in. Go Kristinnn!!!!

Tired after a truly obnoxious day.  Love them both though!
Any other Bears fans out there? Or perhaps wives who understand my predicament?  Talk to me!


  1. She looks so cute! I love that bow! I remember how crazy game day is when I did a symester at UGA! Go dawgs!

  2. AWWW! That family photo is too cute :) I wish I could have been there!

  3. All I talked about all day was Kristen, J. Simps,Kim Zolciak and all of Kim K's exes-- Reese was THRILLED. I am determined to make a fantasy foot ball team based of the aforementioned women's men.

  4. Such a cute family photo. The mood of DiRago house is determined by the outcome of the Bears games as well. Can't believe we never got together to watch one!

  5. This is a true Texan custom. Great food, some football, and the people you love.

  6. Butkus. Dick Butkus. Like a name right out of a Simpsons episode.


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