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Danny and I had friends over recently for dinner/game night. During our meal I got up to change the background music as I thought it sucked. Upon doing so, however, I got berated my both my husband and dinner guests (rude) because they were surprisingly enjoying the tunes despite its lack of Katy Perry, Beyonc√©, or Rhianna!!!! These mean dinner guests and soon to be ex husband then began to make fun of what they deemed my "bad" taste in music.
Ironically or perhaps fortunately, one of these dinner guests was Haley Schrauben from Style Sound - a music/style blog. Open-mindedly, I challenged Haley to make me a playlist that would expand my musical horizons.(Can I still like Adele though? She's good, right?)
I'm not surprised to report that I'm loving what Haley curated for my listening pleasure because Haley is super cool. Check out her blog after your done listening to what she deemed "Megan's Playlist."   

P.S.  Here's vine footage from the night I'm referencing. So fun!

You guys know any of these songs/bands?

Alternatively, any fellow Katy Perry fans reading this? She's so good, right?


  1. Seeing as how I know maybe 2 of the songs from your playlist, my taste in music is just as bad or probably worse. Rihanna is my favorite and Katy Perry's "Roar" has been on repeat since it came out. Still, I've been listening to the playlist at work this morning and these songs are great!!


  2. She fixed you up a Sirius XMU playlist - nice! Sometimes I listen to that genre, but I'd rather have 90s gangsta rap. You know what they say - you can take the girl out of H-town...!

  3. love the playlist. I approve. But i do like some crazy pop music too! KATY PERRY!!!
    Jealous that I was not at Game night.

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  5. Love that playlist! Definitely my style of music. That Fruit Bats song has been stuck in my head all weekend.


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