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My First Photoshoot

The infinite amount of hours I've spent studying Rachel Zoe & Brad Goreski's every move paid off yesterday as I worked my first photoshoot for Langford Market. Look how happy I look!!

No really..
The shoot was basically what I expected: fun with a significant dose of heavy lifting. The rack of clothes and boxes of shoes and accessories don't pack (and unpack) themselves, you know?

It was such a great experience though, especially considering I get paid to do this shit!! I also learned a significant amount which is key as I'll occasionally be running subsequent shoots solo.

Here are a few shots I took throughout the day:
Davina doing some last minute steaming.
I like to think I held that thing with the utmost charisma.
I told Davina if I fell in, I was quitting. I could tell she wanted me to quit though.

The artist at work.

Back in the studio....
A definite highlight of the day was meeting the photographer, Micah, (right)  who was a first class cool cat.

That's a wrap folks!
Happy Weekend everyone! I plan to spend it going to see About Time, though Danny seems serious when he says there's not a chance in hell. To be determined folks!


  1. Looks like a successful first shoot! And I saw About Time at a pre-screening a couple weeks ago, it's wonderful, but don't forget your tissues!


  2. Ok, I might be late on this, but if Danny won't go see it with you, then I definitely will! I read the movie's plot from IMDB to George and he told me "not a chance in hell." So I feel ya.

    Also, I loved this post! Your job looks so glamorous ;) Haha! In all seriousness, working a photoshoot seems like so much fun and something I'd love to do one day!


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