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Blogger Rehab

I read too many blogs. In addition to my blogroll, I have roughly 30 bookmarked on my favorites bar that I work through in any given day. Because it's what we do in today's modern society, I'm considering going to rehab for my addiction. Blogger Rehab. (Assuming I can find one that has a pool.) I can picture it now; Dr. Drew and I having heated conversations about Kendi Everyday, me screaming "why god whyyyyyyy" during wifi withdrawals, and covertly instagramming #ootd selfies in the bathroom stall.
All this nonsense to say I've been changing it up lately in terms of my daily reads.  I've deleted the blogs I'm bored with and replaced them with some new blood. The following four are my most favorite discoveries.


  1. From one Jay Z listening, Rachel Bilson girl-crushing, New York dreaming girl to another - thank you!
    p.s. I'm book club-less here in LA but once I've read your book I'm totally gonna want to discuss ;)


  2. DANG it...I just cleared out a bunch of blogs too...and you're giving me more?! Thwarted...

    (weird, won't let me comment using my wordpress account...anywho,


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