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Happy Birthday Macy

Today is Macy's half birthday. She's officially one and half. I'm thrilled as I've been telling people this was her age since she turned one. I've found that people respond negatively when you say your child is "one-ish" or "one and some change" but I personally reject this parental phenomenon of counting our kids' age in months. I mean really, who has the time (and mathematical aptitude) for such constant calculation. Not me. I have a blog to write. 

 Macy, as a toddler, is showing promise for a lot of exciting career paths.  Yesterday, for example, she demonstrated signs of becoming one of those competitive eating champions.  Upon locating and securing the familial candy bowl she consumed 8+ Hershey Nuggets (with almonds.)  At first I freaked out because I wasn't sure what the  unidentified brown substance was covering her body. My secondary concern was her dying from the chocolate bender but quickly remembered that's dogs (and diabetics) - not kids. I was then able to relax and took prolific video footage of her head-banging various toys in her collection. (2nd career option - mosh pit associate.)

We plan to celebrate Macy's birthday by building a fort, consuming cupcakes, and watching the movie Frozen. So much buzz about this film! I mean, I get it. That song is really good. It came on the radio in the car yesterday and I got embarrassingly emo and admittedly focused too much on the performance aspect of my vocal. But between the song, my boyfriend Jonah Hill being in it, (and in case you didn't hear me the first time, cupcakes), it should be an excellent evening.
More possible career options.
Left: Actress in something sad. The re-make of Beaches perhaps.    
Right: Cross fit champion.

Happy Birthday Macy! We love you so much!



  1. LOVE IT!!! And love you Miss Mace Monster! But you are growing up too fast!!!

  2. What a little cutie! Happy half birthday Macy!

  3. Happy Birthday adorable Macy!


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