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Kardashian Kids Line Review

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BOOO! The Kardashian Kids Line was released to the Babies R Us website this morning and will be in their brick & mortars tomorrow. Don't get excited though because it's meh. Bible.

As a Kardashian connoisseur slash person that has a kid I was, dare I say, excited by the prospect of their line. I had visions of Macy struttin around in a t-shirts with my fave Kardash quotes like, "Sometimes a bitch snaps." (Khloe.) or "She is insane. I'm ready to shove a taco up her ass." (Kourtney.)

I'm underwhelmed though guys. It's just a bunch of leopard shit. And the butterfly print pieces are, um, not cute. 

I actually showed the line to Macy and this was her response.

I guess sometimes a bitch does indeed snap.

What do y'all think? Am I off?



  1. awwwww her reaction is priceless lol

  2. I was thinking the same thing. I kind of was anticipating their kid's line and was disappointed. It looks like Kim and Kourtney made all the decisions because of all the leopard print and organic looking outfits.

  3. TOTALLY AGREE 100%! Was also kind of looking forward to this and am REALLY disappointed, especially since we constantly see Kourtney's kids photographed in really cute outfits (lots of instagram and small shop labels). Even the bibs look lame, would have thought that they'd be up on the latest trend of having the bib look more like a bandana, so much more stylish. this just seems out of touch and overpriced! BOO!


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