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Forever 21 vs. Currently 32

I keep wanting to not shop at F21 because of my mature age but I just...can't....stop....
This country is all up in arms about the rise of meth addition in middle America - um, what about frugal fast fashion? It's equally an destructive and widespread phenomenon though admittedly not for your teeth.   

Or is it?

Waiting for my dealer to stop by.

The key to jumpsuits are skinny-cut legs. If you buy a wide-leg cut you will like Gumby. (I know because I bought a wide leg one and looked like Gumby.) Skinny legs are the secret. To jumpsuits and life in general. Go head and write that down.

P.S. My Texas necklace is from here. Use code "Greetings15" for a 15% discount.



  1. You can shop there forever if you like!

  2. I have the same want to hate but secretly keep going back for more syndrome. But like you said, there are worse habits to have to kick, right? And in summary - you totally rock that jumpsuit.

  3. Nice boob shot to go with the missing tooth! Love the outfit!


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