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What to Wear on the 4th of July

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What's everyone doing this weekend? More importantly, what are you wearing?
While I think MK + Ashley Olsen's World Cup t-shirt collection is cute (especially the England tee), I'd opt for the above accessories with the off-shoulder white dress. I'm obsessed with off-shoulder pieces right now - makes it easier to wipe all the dirt off.
We're heading to Austin for the weekend. We're going to have lunch with Macy's birthparents, hang out with Danny's mom, and heavily sedate Booker so he doesn't have a fear based death during the fireworks.
*Scintillating TV Update: We discovered The Wahlburgers this weekend and binge watched accordingly! Amazing! And for those of you who saw the "divot burger" episode - that's my Uncle's golf course! I felt both exhilarated and pissed as Mark Walhberg kept taking chunks out of it. And turned on. I'm very sexually attracted to Mark Wahlberg which I assume goes without saying. Anyone else watching this show? Let's talk about it all day via social media. I think it'd be a great use of time.

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