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Jemima Kirk from GIRLS on HBO
photo via 5 minutes with Franny

-Yesterday I discovered 5 minutes with Franny a website that I'm now obsessed with. (I found it via Olsons Anonymous - another obsession.) 5 minutes with Franny interviews her friends (that are often famous people, Elizabeth Olson, Jemima Kirk,) by asking them thoughtful questions like "If the wardrobe in your bedroom would lead you to another world what would your Narnia look like?" The intimate photography she takes of the subject to accompany the interviews is equally delicious.

-I'm featured in this article, Adopting after Cancer by Charlotte Huff in Cure Magazine.

-I've been wanting to start learning about essential oils and their healing powers. Especially after seeing this video! Wow! Any of you into this?

-Fellow writers, these quotes by famous writers published on The Bloggess yesterday were hilarious and incredibly affirming to me.

- Another reason I love The Suburban bitches - they're making Carolina Shiners on their blog, a delicious looking cocktail made with, you know, moonshine. These bitches are hardcore!

-My friend Laurie and I are going to see Lena Dunham in ATX for her book tour which has since sold out! Here is her tour schedule I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And have possibly drank too much coffee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-I could style this Banana Republic shirt both in a bohemian or businessy fashion. It couldn't be more versatile. (Not to mention affordable.) I need to buy more of these types of pieces and less Forever 21 crap.

Have a good weekend everyone! Danny is playing in a golf tournament this weekend so that's what will be occupied with.



  1. My girl Jenn can totes hook you up on those essential oil healing powers! I used oils like eucalyptus, tea tree and lavender when my babies were little, because it was the only thing I could use when they would get sick, and I totally had to buy them on an end cap at a CVS in the little Mexico part of our town, now they line the shelves at HEB! Crazy! Jenn is always posting articles, tips, etc on her blog and FB on how to use the oils, what oils to use for what etc. She also sells DoTerra oils, but there are certainly other options out there :)

  2. Thanks Megan - they are delicious! I think you'd like today's Dirty Peach Mojito too! Seriously - isn't hanging at the beach all about drinking copious amounts of alcohol???
    Tricia // Suburban Bitches


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