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Moulton Jewelry Outfit Post

Jen Moulton, hailing from the weird city of Austin, Texas, is my sweet friend but also a sweet jewelry designer. She just launched a new collection, Essentials, and the mailman brought me a pair yesterday. (It was thrilling!!! I freaked out!!!! I need to get out of the house more!!!!!) The idea behind this collection is that the pieces are "for everyday wear, meant to put on, and leave on" which I read with Jen's note but didn't internalize because I was distracted by the pretty earrings! Yayyyyyyyy! But then guess what happened? I slept in them! Slept in earrnings! As if! And that's when I was like "i get it Jen. I frickin get it."
Moulton Horseshoe Hook earring.

Awake Photography

Fringe Mala Necklace by a Houston proud shop/designer, Stash Co.
(I interviewed Stash Co designer, Cheryl Schulke, for the Langford Market blog. Read it here.)

How cute is her packaging?
And how broke is my manicure? Shameful.

Here's what we call the "drive to finish" in the screenwriting world. Your very own discount code for Moulton. The code is HAPPY3RDBIRTHDAY (In honor of the line's 3rd year.) That's good for 25% off and ends this Friday, 9/19 at noon CST.

*Disclaimer This is not a sponsored post. Jen is a friend. Even if her jewelry blew (which it obviously doesn't) I would tell you that its fantastic which probably makes me a terrible blogger but an amazing friend. I can live with that.

*Thanks to Paige for the pics! Immediately preceding this uber professional shoot (in which we almost lost Booker to a squirrel/car/irresponsible owner type scenario) we watched Lifetime's Unauthorized Saved By the Bell Story. Extraordinary! So proud to share Milwaukee as a hometown with Screech Powers/Dustin Diamond! #cheeseheads #rememberwhenhemadeasextape



  1. HAHA you make me LOL. But for serious - love the earrings and that necklace omg. Gorg! You look FAB. xo, Julie

  2. Recently discovered your blog, and I love it. But learning you the same hometown as I do makes me even more excited!


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