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My Go-To Baby Gift

My friends have been procreating like crazy lately!

-My boss at Langford Market.
-My bestie Jessica just adopted a little boy who I can't wait to eat.
-My sister is preggers (eeee!)
-Rachel Bilson (or Rach as I call her) recently welcomed the controversially named "Briar Rose."

All this sex has required me to stock up on my favorite go-to baby gift - CD's from the Rockabye Baby Series.
         Rockabye Baby Jay Z                                                    Rockabye Baby Eminem

Rockabye Baby! Coldplay                                       Rockabye Baby! Kayne
                          Rockabye Baby! Kiss                                       Rockabye Baby! Dave

As you can infer from these album covers - the music in the Rockabye Baby! series are cool artists whose music has been remixed into lullabies, therefore making them appropriate for innocent offspring.

This series used to just come in CD's which was fine but the sole CD player I have is in my car. My friends would be weirded out when I'd scoop them up and be listening to lullabies. (Though they'd immediately forget about it as they'd began to fear for their life with my terrible driving. #mybad )

I just realized, however, when researching for this post, you can now download them on iTunes here! So yay! 

      Have a good weekend everyone!
 Love, Megan



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  1. I'm sure those books make lullabies much more interesting! That is hilarious. And thanks for sharing because all of my friends/family have been procreating like crazy too! I'm really upset and confused as to why I didn't know Rachel Bilson was pregnant UNTIL she had her baby. I need to go back and stalk her maternity style. I can only imagine. Happy weekend!



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