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Weekend Wedding

Solange wasn't the only one who got married this weekend. (Did you see her dress though? So good!) My college friend, Katie, also joined the world of monogamy which served as an excuse to coral "the cogs*" into a situation in which we're famously known to thrive. #openbar
*Cogs, as in "Chi Omega Gamma". The best, although temporarily suspended, greek organization to rule Augustana College since the early 1900s.

     Allow me to set the scene. Kitty cocktails with vodka. #mmmm

All because two people fell in love.

    I'm super emo right now so I'm not going to attempt to say anything profound about the girls in this picture other than I love them and they mean more to me then they'll ever know. 

Because what's a wedding these days without out a photo booth? Back in the day (B.C. maybe?) a marriage wasn't official until you "consummated" it.  In today's era a couple could fundamentally never have intercourse. But as long as they provide their friends & family the opportunity to drunkenly express themselves via prolific props and a chevron background, their union could not be more real.

How cute are these two? Potential Christmas Card photo right here. Matt and Amy - contact me if you want the imagery rights. I promise I'll charge less than Tiny Prints which of course isn't saying much because Tiny Prints is today's version of legalized rape. #whyisitsoexpensive 

Bill - welcome to the COG family. We're crazy, probably have a slight problem with alcohol, and infinitely far away from being perfect. But we love each with everything we have, never have taken ourselves seriously, and nobody laughs like we do. It's the best sorority (literally) I've ever been in.

And to the unsung hero of the night. Introducing Mister Jimmy Sandula everyone. Never has photo credit to the photographer ever been so warranted. 

 I love my friends. 

The End, 



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