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I've been so busy lately but who isn't?  Here are some pics I've managed to take when not working, removing miscellaneous debris from Macy's mouth, and trolloping* through IAH airport.

*Spellcheck insists "trolloping" is not a word. Upon a urban dictionary consultation I learned "trollop" refers to "a woman who plays innocent like she don't have sex, but in reality, sleeps with every dude she lays eyes on." See? I told you I've been busy!


Verb Dry Shampoo - I am well versed in dry shampoo because I'm less versed in showering. Verb stocked the bathrooms with their products at TXSC and this one was amaze. Best one I ever used for sure and the big bottle is only $18. Smaller bottle is $12.

Vintage Necklace - I welcomed this necklace into the family yesterday a la a consignment store, Designer Diva, near my house.

I saw this little DIY key situation on Mother Mag and immediately copied it. 

My favorite MadMeg client, Rongrong Devoe, is slowly but surely taking over the fashion illustration world one sketch at a time. This was her in action at a Neiman Marcus show.

Macy is all about puppet shows lately. Her same theater is on sale now at Target.

Orchid Grey - is my blog obsession of the moment. I've always kept an eye on it but after rooming with Julie at TXSC I was reminded of how on fleek  (nailed it!) her style really is. I love this pic she snapped of us the other weekend.



  1. Remember that time I took Verb Dry Shampoo home as a functional souvenir? And then tried it for the first time (like, legit first time... I've never tried dry shampoo) after commuting to work on my bike? It was fun trying to explain to the attorneys in my office that I'm actually not Marie Antoinette, but that I would enjoy some cake.

  2. Now I wish I had stolen the dry shampoo. I just came home with a bag full of candy, which I've hidden around the house in secret locations. Also, being referred to as "on fleek" was the highlight of my week. THANK YOU. xoxoxox


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