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Once upon a time I agreed to do a sponsored post for Young&Ng lingerie because their stuff was SO pretty and I thought it'd be nice to own some undergarments that weren't from Target.
 A  decadent black box arrived in the mail a few days later and I excitedly tried on the Dinha Marie brabrief. It was then, and only then, shit got REAL and I realized I'd agreed to, you know, wear lingerie on my blog.  

Fortunately Paige is not only Houston's best wedding photographer but well versed in boudoir as well.  Together we created a backstory for me, that I was a young virgin Mennonite on verge of fleeing my community in hopes of becoming a stage actress in the big city. (Oklahoma City that is.) 
I'm sure this is exactly what Young&Ng had in mind. 
Keep an eye out for this photo in their next lookbook.

Left: Just casually reading in a robe, as one does.
Right: #shoulderblade

The Dinah Marie print comes in three different styles so it can work for everyone's body type and modesty level. 

Okay kids. That's a wrap. Thanks Paigester for the photos!

*Full disclosure: This was a sponsored post which I believe I already said. You can rest assured, however, that all thoughts and opinions were of my own volition. I'm not saying I can't be bought, I'm just saying I wasn't in this specific scenario. 


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