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Mothers Day w/ MINTED (& Megan!)

When I paired up with Minted to do this post I was like "yeah. done. they have great stuff." but it wasn't until I was putting this post together that I was like, "HOLY SHIT THEY HAVE GREAT STUFF!" 

Full transparency here, just because why not, I was gifted the bison print in exchange for this post but you better believe that keys, phone, wallet situation is going to be on my wall next week - right by my door looking adorbs but also functional. Just this Monday I left for a full day of meetings sans my phone and it wasn't ideal.

My mothers day celebrations are already underway. Macy is in two different classes at her school. A "monday/wednesday" class and a "tuesday/thursday" class so yesterday I attended a Mother's Day brunch for the one class and this morning I'm returning for the second. I'll post two pics from brunch yesterday on my Greetings from Texas FB page for those of you who are bored at work today. #yourewelcome #beenthere

My bison print is currently corralled (see what I did there?) at Michael's waiting to be framed. Mistake. It's so freaking expensive. And takes forever (2-3 weeks) and just another errand, you know? Make sure you get your prints framed at Minted. They didn't tell me to say that- it's just a tip for me to you. My other advice is that bigger is not always better. HA!!!! For real though, I got the 30inches X 40inches print and that may not sound enormous, but there is going to be a LARGE AND IN CHARGE bison in my place. People are going to think I live in some sort of bizarre wildlife sanctuary - which technically I do. #macy

*Happy Mamma's Day to all you Moms out there. Especially mine and Macy's birth momma if you're reading this missy! XO

Love, Megan

P.S. - Check out my women be shoppin page too! I just updated it and it has amazing things including these which at $69 are a no brainer.



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