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I curated the internet, as one does. Please enjoy.

-Remember mood rings? Introducing  "mood condoms" where the color is not dictated by your mood, but rather your STD. Why aren't we talking about this more?!??! This is all I want to talk about!!!!

-I'm not sure who's behind this but I'd love to take the James Patterson and Dustin Hoffman classes if they were cheaper. Maybe I can get my Uncle to pirate them for me. Uncle Frank* - I'll be in touch! *Name has been changed to protect the guilty.

-Judd Apatow discusses his book, "Sick in the Head" and the movie "Trainwreck." Aziz Ansari on "Modern Romance" and thought-provoking ideas about online dating. Both on the same episode of Charlie Rose

-What are you doing tomorrow morning? My Mad Meg client, Sahar, is doing a yoga class at Langford Market (Heights location!) at 9am. While the detes are here on Culture Map, it shockingly fails to mention that me, Candace, Julie, and the Mad Meg interns will all be there. As will the Houston Chron in preparation for an imminent story!!  If you want to come just email me and I'll RSVP for you.

-I'm been searching for the perfect red triangle bikini forever! I found it this morning at Banana Republic (weird!?) and its ON SALE! #destiny (Here's the bottom.)

-I met Lindsey this week at the B&B event. I've been a fangirl of her blog since I discovered it but now I'm a IRL fangirl as well. Hi Lindsey!

-If you've talked to me in the last two weeks, I guarantee I talked your ear off about The True Cost - a fashion documentary about the horrifying monster that is fast fashion. I'm in talks with the True Cost camp about hosting a Houston screening. Stay tuned on that and RIP Forever 21. #sad #seriously

-Brandi added the cutest tank to her Bueno Bueno line. I especially how she styled it here

- Same dog, new tricks? Is that the expression? Probably not. Either way, two of my dearest bitches (nailed it!!) have launched new projects. Indiana has a new blogcast called Mom Jeans & Dad Jokes and Jessie and her hubby launched a podcast called Marriage is Funny. Both Indiana and Jessie are blogging pioneers so to see them reinvent themselves like this makes me a proud friend and an inspired colleague. 

- This ring, this old navy shirt, and everything from BooHoo .#christmaslist

Have a good weekend everyone! 


  1. This is the first I'm hearing of these master classes, I need to look into this more.

    1. Let me know what you found out! I need to know who's behind it, etc. I'm so intrigued!

  2. I just needed to let you know I read your book! It was hilarious. I actually read it at work, while I should have been working oops, but the book was more interesting!

    1. Ha! Love that you read it at work! Thanks for the note - means a lot!

    2. ALSO small world! Sara used to work with my friend, and she is friends with my sister-in-law!

  3. I have SO much to say to you right now. First? THANK YOU so much for the shout out! Podcasting away today, and this was some helpful encouragement. ;) Second? Oh sheesh, I'm just going to shoot you an email. Stand by. Miss you. XO


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