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Fancy Photoshoot

photo by the ahhmazing kendall hanna 

Hello, my name is Cara Delevingne and I'm a supermodel. 

I like to pretend that's why I get to do cool things like model for the ad campaign announcing  the partnership between Manoosh and The SPB Ovarian Cancer Foundation.

Clearly, my credentials for this gig have everything to do with the fact that I had cancer.
But I tell myself its because I'm tall, beautiful, and have the metabolism of a teenage boy.

How gorg is that scarf? Almost as gorg as Anna (pictured above, on the floor) who made it. Anna is the owner/founder of Manoosh - a company that takes local artists work and transfers it to scarves. Check out their instagram and be prepared to gawk.

Look at Buck in such deep thought. (The guy.)

I've had the pleasure of meeting Buck a few times now and not only is he the cutest human being I've ever met but runs the Susan Poorman Blackie Ovarian Cancer Foundation, named for his mother, who passed away from ovarian cancer. Please read her story here. It's 3 paragraphs and it'll slap you with perspective. It will remind you that tomorrow is not promised and to be thankful for today. 3 paragraphs. Do it. Do it now. 

Left: Me and Em of The PR Boutique! We're friends but only hang out on Monday nights and then both wonder why we're out on a Monday and go home.

Right: Kendall Hanna folks. When I found out Kendall was the photographer for this shoot I was so pumped. I was fan-girl of her White Buffalo Project work but didn't know she was a full-time photographer too. She recently left Free People to go out on her own, which to me, is the ultimate. She could have said she just stepped down from being The White House photographer and I would have been like "meh" - but Free People? So major.

That's a wrap!
From left to right, back row: Buck, Anna, Emily Shuffield, and Kendall Hannah
I'm the obnoxious one in the front.

Afterwards Anna, Kendall, and I grabbed drinks and I fell deeply in love with both of them. 

Here's some TMI for you; I had a really really tough, emotionally grueling day yesterday. It was the worst. #tears

But putting this post together today I'm reminded that I'm lucky to even had a shitty day. Getting to know Buck better, hearing him talk about his mom, thinking about what this shoot must have been like FOR HIM reunited my passion for ovarian cancer awareness. I forgot how fucked up it is that there's no detection test for it. 

Breast cancer is terrible too guys and I'm not dismissing it. I have a scar on my boob for that too. But breast cancer is SO WELL FUNDED. Ovarian cancer, for whatever reason, is not. This shoot, while fancy and fun, woke me up at the perfect time.  My 1 year anniversary of being cancer free is coming up - I have to look it up. Next month is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month and I'm doing something really cool in conjunction with Buck and Manoosh. So consider yourself warned - I'm gonna be very anti-ovarian cancer over the next few weeks. It'll be fun though and not soap-boxy. Pinky swear.


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  1. photographer for Free People?! I only dream of knowing people that cool....


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