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Happy Anniversary To Me - (And I'm Hosting a Party at Tootsies!)

A year ago today, I wrote this post

It said that my cancer had returned & that Dr. Nick and I had a hot date in the OR.

Spoiler alert - all went well and here I am, a year to the day, inviting you to a fancy party I'm hosting in honor of this very disease. (see below.)

Maybe its just me, but the timing of how this all played out and that I'm inviting y'all an exact 365 days later, seems incredible to me. Eery even. 

It reminds me that I'm an insanely fortunate and lucky person.

-I have a scrumptious, hilarious daughter that I fall in love with more each day.

-Her dad, equally hilarious, is committed, brave, loving, and on pace to be the best dad I know

-next to my own father, who gives me the unconditional love and support that has been the necessary foundation for anything good I've accomplished in my life

-I have a career that I continue to trick people into thinking I'm capable of and am not far off from tricking myself. A career that enables me to be creative and call people like Lydia, Jessica, and Becky not only colleagues but friends.

-I have a sister who gave me a nephew and cousins that I love more than they'll ever know

-I have Chuck and Jer, best guy friends, who are fiercely committed to keeping my 7.5-self humble, reminding me that I have a stain on my dress when I think I look hot, forcing me to  face my faults, yet still are capable of building me up, only when I truly need it, in a way only guy friends can do.

-I have, Candace and Julie, who came into my life when I needed them most.

Last but not least, I have my health, which despite everything I've learned and been through, I foolishly take for granted. For without my health, all of the aforementioned things, are moot.

But not today. Today I refuse to let life's minutia distract from my body that held up during 5 surgeries, continually digests nothing but coffee & sugar, yet still enables me to get the "student discount" at my nail place because the lady thinks I'm in high school. 

Today I'm going to drink a green juice, go for a run, meditate, and thank the universe and the version of god that I believe in for my abundance of fortune. 

I don't deserve all that I have but I promise to do my best with it and find ways to pay it forward so others can feel as happy and healthy as I do. 

But enough about me.


Few quick things about the party;
-I'll be selling/signing my books there!
-It's free!!
-There's booze!
-Tootsies is SO MAJOR!
-Buck, whose mom is Susan, of the Susan Poorman Blackie OC Foundation, will be there. He's sweet, easy on the eyes, and surely making him mom so, so proud. Let me introduce you.
-Anna from Manoosh is an IRL angel. Let me introduce you.
-Buy the "Susan Scarf" I'm wearing here
-Rongrong will be there sketching away! Make her draw you!

Also, Paper City is talking about the soiree! Gah! 

See you guys THERE! 


P.S. Thank you for reading my blog. Just another thing for me to so grateful for.

P.P.S. Just to keep the "emo-ness" going, I'm gonna post some pics from this day, last year, on my instagram and Facebook page. Check 'em out should you wish.

P.P.P.S. I updated - check 'er out! 



  1. love how positive you always are!!! its beautiful!

  2. Tears. In. My. Eyes. YOU are an inspiration. Love you SO. xo (p.s. if you're receiving this comment twice, oops, my phone sucks). <3

  3. You look gorgeous and I'm so so happy that you are healthy and happy. I wish I could be there but that is the same night TopGolf is doing a blogger night with me :( You're amazing, boo.


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