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The best part of my trip was, hands down, being driven around Kruger National Park in hopes of spotting "the big five"; lions, leopards, elephants, rhino, and buffalo. More often than not, the weather was cold and rainy but the minute we spotted something, we became numb to the conditions, because we fucking spotted something and it was so so exciting! (It didn't help that I packed mostly sleeveless shirts because, ya know, I thought it would be HOT in AFRICA....silly me.) 

One of the things that surprised me, though it makes sense if you think about it, is how many animals we saw that were injured. For example, not sure if you can tell by the pic, but this poor guy was limping. I also saw a giraffe with a knee that had been chewed on.  I saw an impala who was bleeding from the eye. This wasn't the zoo. These guys were fighting one another to stay alive and had gaping wounds to prove it. 

Get in the f@cking van Raymond!!! 
(Our crazy tour guide.)

If you know me in IRL, you likely know my brain is constantly on overdrive and I run on a hybrid of coffee and anxiety. This particular day, when this particular pic was taken, I was the most serene and relaxed I can remember being in years.

Breakfast du Jour - packed by the lodge we were staying at. 
Cheese, lettuce, &mayo sandwich, (#cultureshock), with a hard boiled egg and peach.

'Lil Suzy, a 20 something from London, snappin' a giraffe. It was just her and I that had booked our specific Intrepid trip - but the lodge we stayed at hosted guests from various tour groups. So while it was just Suzy and I during the day, it was fun to return to the lodge at night to see what newcomers had checked in and would be joining us for dinner and drinks that evening.

My very last day, we went on a "bush walk" around the lodge property as opposed to Kruger Park. As the name suggests, we were walking as opposed to cruising in a open van. While zebras, giraffes, elephants, etc. are peaceful and won't bother humans unless provoked, there were FUCKING LEOPARDS around that aren't as chill and I was convinced that I'd get eaten accordingly.


For those of you who care, I'll do one more post about the lodge I stayed at later this week with pics of my impromptu birthday celebration! #shots But, the holidays are upon us kids! Ship shape!  Tomorrow I'll start a string of Greetings from Texas holiday gift guides, starting with Mace's wish list so see you then! Bring your wallet!

P.S. Go check out Julie's blog. She's hosting a super cool yoga event for one of my Mad Meg client's at Revolution Studio in two weeks. You must come!


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