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Scorpio Birthday Wish List

I'm getting old! It's not cute! I consider myself a late bloomer and I love the confidence, wisdom, and sense of self that comes along with aging but MAN do I need an IPL photofacial! Like, stat.

I'm celebrating the big day by taking an abbreviated "eat, pray, love" trip to South Africa where I'll explore Johannesburg and then go on a 4 day safari. If anyone has been to Johannesburg, please give me some tips as my knowledge about the city begins and ends with the leg-less Olympian who killed his model girlfriend. I did try watching Mandela last night on Netflix but it was pretty slow. I'd recommend it only to those of you looking for an organic alternative to ambien.

Happy birthday my fellow Scorps!  

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  1. Johannesburg is an amazing city! I would recommend hiring a driver through your hotel to make sure you get around safely, plus they can tell you a lot about the city. The craft market at rosebank was great for handmade souvenirs and I will never get over the experience of petting lion cubs at the lion park. Also, don't be freaked out if you are offered monkey gland sauce. It has nothing to do with monkeys or glands, it's basically South African barbecue sauce.


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